Divine Cyphers: Odali’s “Play at the Park” EP Paints Vivid Pictures


Odali is a vibrant artist that reigns from Queens, NY. His brand of hip-hop pushes forward the New York sound, inspired by the likes of legends. It is easy to hear the resemblance between his braggadocious rap and New York moguls who have previously graced the microphone. Instead of analysis by comparison, it is important to focus upon what makes this artist uniquely relevant.

Odali’s vocal and lyrical ability spans generations. His Queens dialect shines through with an authentic accent. The way that this artist tackles various adventures within his hometown proves his career will be full of longevity.

Leave it to Odali

He showcases his imaginative brilliance in the video for new single, “Yemenites” off of the “Play at the Park” EP. The video’s imagery focuses upon trains, steel structures and pigeons to emphasize the details of his city. “Yemenites” is the crux of the EP and the visuals are courtesy of Chauncey Laborde.


“Play at the Park” is an EP that conveys nostalgic childhood energy. To focus on the juxtaposition between the current generation and a nineties baby, these seven songs emphasize the theme of youth.

An audibly genius voice is marketable. Odali portrays awareness of self that stretches far beyond his age. His generation is considered the last to truly utilize the outdoor atmosphere as a place to develop basic life adaptations.

As the youth’s activities currently revolve around technology, children of today will never experience the lessons and teachings offered by the jungle gym.


Odali’s “Play at the Park” EP embeds the escapades of carelessness and carefree spirituality that comes with the park setting.

The patterns and contemporary verbiage expressed by this artist prove his transcendence beyond average human thought processes.

Serving up, “a taste of the streets” is exactly what the doctor ordered for the “millennials” that are shifting the genre toward toxic capitalism. Instead of a mainstream approach, Odali presents his creative Queens output with visuals that detail various landscapes and territories.



The content of this EP accompanies the facets of struggle, ugly truths, emotional energy and enlightenment. The enlightenment comes in the form of nuanced phrases that detail the life of an ambitious city slicker.

“I need a mil or better, this is a different era.” (Song: Jesus Shuttlesworth)

His rhythmic nature is confident, brutal and abrasive. An authentic New York artist holds nothing back, and Odali is certainly no exception. These songs provide insight into the various establishments and principles that govern the Queens area.

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