We’ll be missing you, Sultan


Today, our hearts go out to the family of Sultan Ariff, a contributing author and personal friend of LemonWire.

This morning, we learned that Sultan Ariff, 35, passed away at Eskenazi Hospital last night, shortly after a hit-and-run collision at 52nd Street and Lafayette Road in Indianapolis, Ind. Our heartfelt prayers go out to Sultan’s family as we grieve together.

With heavy hearts, we signed onto LemonWire today to find some of our dear friend’s final thoughts:


Just before leaving home, Sultan spent his afternoon writing and publishing one final Indy Film Fest review. His favorite of 7 short films, appropriately, was titled “Shop of Eternal Life“, about which he asks, “What is the price of a loved one’s life?” –Sultan, there is no price we wouldn’t pay for yours.

Sultan was a lover of movies. In 5 months, he reviewed almost 100. Equally enamored by the arts, in April, he dedicated an entire weekend to attending and reviewing Indiana Comic Con. And music, too, caught his attention. These three together brought him to LemonWire this February.

For 35 years, Sultan was a fighter. He was an active student who intended to pursue an MBA. After being diagnosed with renal failure, he could have been devastated by many hours of dialysis each day and a restrictive diet, but instead he stayed engaged through his writing.


Sultan, you are forever in our hearts, and your family in our prayers.


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  1. Every time I saw him he had a smile on his face. I often had to ask him for help at work and he was allways patient and kind . Sometimes in this life we meet someone that you just know has a truly good soul he is one of those souls that touch you and as time goes by and people come in and out of our life there are those that you will always remember be is one of those souls. I know he has moved on to a better place I know he leaves a large hole in many hearts of family and friends. I truly feel Blessed to have been able to meet him and have worked with him in this life. Prayers for his family and friends.

  2. I haven’t seen him in 4 years and only work with him for a short time… but I always remember how nice of a guy he was. Someone who was always willing to help anyone. He will definitely be missed.

  3. We will miss you, your kind ways, your optimism, and your smile. May all your suffering be gone and you are resting peacefully.

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