2017 Indy Film Fest: Scary Shorts! Review


Sunday, July 16th was Day 4 for the 2017 Indy Film Fest at the Indianapolis Arts Museum. This night featured an opportunity to watch seven scary short films.  Horror is already my favorite genre, so a chance to watch a whole bunch of them at once is pretty cool.  Here’s a quick review of each of these shorts.

Cry It Out

This one was probably the most traditional horror film of the seven shorts. A husband watches over his baby while the wife is away for the weekend.  The baby is crying nonstop and it’s making the father irritable.  The baby monitor is going off non-stop at night. Suddenly there are screams of an adult woman coming through.  Who’s lurking in the nursery at night? Lots of creepy jump scares in this one with an ending that will leave a lot of questions. Grade: B-

Last Call Lenny

Better call Lenny?

This one is probably the most humorous of the bunch. It’s a sort of funny take on a grim situation.  Basically, Dr. Kevorkian meets Better Call Saul, where Saul is Lenny. Lenny is a used furniture salesman who helps people commit suicide.  In this case, a jazz radio DJ wants to die simply because he’s bored with life.  Their back and forths are hilarious.  This one has an unexpected ending.  Check this out if you can. Grade : B+


Ah, the babysitter never really knows what they’re getting into. This is another humorous tale that dabbles in the occult. Emmie, the pro-babysitter that she is, wants to know if Sheila has any special bedtime rituals.  The parents assure her that that Sheila will inform her of them before jetting off for the evening.  Sheila then keeps mentioning a mysterious Buttercup that will be joining them before the evening takes a dark turn. Very funny short. Grade: B-


Cat got your tongue?

Yet another scary short with nice amount of humor. This one sort of had a Goosebumps feel to it. A kid wakes up at night to find someone trying to get into his locked bedroom door. Apparently this someone can’t talk. The boy, frightened by what’s on the other side, attempts to communicate by passing a paper with questions written on it under the door crack. Apparently there is a past between these two that the boy doesn’t recall until it’s too late. Grade: B-

Metube 2 – August Sings Carmina Burana

Metube getting weird

Apparently this is a sequel.  A nerdy son and his dad venture out into the street and film street performers putting on quite the other-worldly performance.  This odd film is set up like a home movie music video with some spooky but overall humorous elements.  Not something I really got into. Grade: C-

Shop Of Eternal Life

Whats the price for a loved one’s life?

This one was the most complex and to me the most intriguing of the shorts this evening. It was divided into a part one and a part two. An interesting take on vampirism, selling of souls, and immortality. Set in a little shop in China known to perform miracles, a husband goes there in desperation to save his sick wife. He ends up making a deal he’s not prepared for with the mysterious shop keeper. Not sure if this was some sort of allegory to represent China selling its soul to communism, but I loved this. Dark and creepy more than scary. Almost Tales of the Crypt-like. Highly recommend. Grade: A


Oh man…this one was tough to sit through. That’s not a good thing.  At 26 minutes long, Soup was the longest of the short films of this bundle, and it felt like it. Still not quite sure exactly what went down here, but it starts off interestingly enough before unraveling. A pregnant woman makes a pot of soup and seemingly concocts a creature. This creature transforms into a man whom she has an affair with, and then murders? I think that’s what happens.  The ending makes no sense.  An Israeli short film. I did find the allusions to witchcraft fascinating though. That’s about it. Grade: D



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