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It is Friday and the clock strikes 12 PM, we are halfway through this work day! Hold on tight, just a few more hours before we can say, “Goodbye work” and “Hello weekend”. What better way to start the weekend than by jamming out to some great rhythms!

And to start of this Friday July 14, 2017 we start off with the following:

Urband 5, Te Quiero Mas (single)
Los Nuevos Llegales, Suena Y Dice
Johann Vera, Vuelo A Paris
La Alianza Nortena, Nuestro Destino Vol. 2
Cabas, Rompe Los Niveles (Single)
The Camanas, NEW
Aymee Nuviola, Como Anillo al Dedo
Rubio, Single
Kevin Ortiz, Corona de Rosas (Single)
Plan B, Te Acuerdas de Mi (Single)
Luis Coronel, Tal Como Eres (Single)
CD9, .5-EP
Enrique Iglesisas, Subeme La Radio Remix (Single)
Becky G, Mayores (Single)
Adriel Favela, Azul Se Mira

You know that saying, ” If at first you don’t succeed, try again” ? There is a similar saying for music, “If at first you don’t like the fist song of this weeks releases, listen to the next one.” Okay, perhaps i just made that up but you get what i am trying to say. Instead of telling you how great the music is, i would be interested to hear some feedback from you on the Latin releases. Feel free to comment with your opinions, let us know what you like and don’t like. Not just from this weeks releases, it can be from any week or a Latin song you really like that has not been mentioned. Remember to be respectful and we might just include you in the next article!

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Hey Tony Bennett gave Thalia, Vicente Fernandez and many more a chance and some of his biggest hits are his collaborations. The most recent ( needless to say) is  Justin Beiber and Luis Fonsi with Despacito. Hey you never know right?




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