Shania Twain fans are getting a little more information about her new album today. The country music star has recently released a list of the tracks she plans to include on her upcoming album, “Now”. Naturally, fans everywhere are flocking to the star’s website to check out the new song titles.

If we’ve learned anything from Shania Twain over the years, it’s that these songs are going to be killer. You can expect to hear her signature voice and brilliant musical capabilities all throughout this album. There will be a couple of different options to choose from when you are buying your album. The standard version has 12 tracks, and the deluxe has 16.

Twain recently released a song from the new album and stopped in to talk about it again on the Bobby Bones show. Check out the full interview below.

VIDEO: Watch the full Shania Twain interview where she premiered her new single, told us why she's a cool mom and the impact of her Lyme disease.

Posted by Bobby Bones Show on Thursday, June 15, 2017

One of the best things about Shania Twain is that she always seemsĀ so humble. Her lighthearted and friendly personality is something that makes her really likable. It’s great to hear how great she’s doing these days even after going through some dark days. Now with the release of a new album, we get to enjoy her fun personality all over again.

Twain wrote most of the songs herself and told Rolling Stone that it was much like therapy for her. Writing the songs came after a relatively dark time in her life. She had divorced her husband and lost her voice due to Lyme disease. Throughout her recovery from all this heartache, Twain turned to music and songwriting to heal.

Eventually, Twain gained her voice back again but then had to learn how to sing all over again. With a lot of voice therapy, she was finally ready to return to the world of country music. Naturally, fans are welcoming her back with open arms.

When Twain was in her prime, she definitely set the stage for women in country music. Her powerful voice and positive female image did a lot for the women of country music. She also impacted women around the world by encouraging them to be proud of who they are. Hopefully, this same mindset will carry over into her new set of music.

Shania Twain hasn’t released an album in 15 years because of her illness. “Now” is her first album back in the world of country music. Much of that time away, she spent recovering from her illness and repairing her voice. The title of the album is perfect because Twain feels that now is the perfect time to step back into the spotlight.

The new album is set to release on September 29th. If you want to learn more about it and the tracks she is including, be sure to check out her website.


Photo by alien_artifact, CC 2.0, via Flickr.


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