The Kuhvor Banned pays skillful homage to punk greats


The Kuhvor Banned, a Fort Wayne-based punk rock cover band, opened for Walk Among Us at Skeletunes Lounge last Friday. The show was an example of the band’s punk rock fandom, and a glimpse into punk rock’s history.

Skeletunes Lounge: A home for punk rock in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Ind.— On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Fort Wayne’s premiere punk rock cover band, The Kuhvor Banned, took to the stage at Skeletunes Lounge to open for Walk Among Us. Skeletunes Lounge, 1201 W. Main St. is shaped like an upside-down capital “T.” Patrons enter the narrow, stick portion of the letter. The space broadens into the stage area which comprises the horizontal part. Skeletunes is not large in square footage, but it is huge in character.

All available wall and ceiling space is devoted to punk rock posters and vintage pin-up artifacts. Papier-mâché mutilated corpses hang from the ceiling. Vintage video games and jukeboxes add to the space’s over-the-top atmosphere. The dark ambiance of the place plus the decorations make Skeletunes the perfect place to hear some of the best punk rock northern Indiana has to offer.

Fort Wayne’s music scene

The quality of live music in Fort Wayne is inconsistent at best. Audiences never know if a band new to them will have solos or stage banter that go on for too long, or if the coveted mix will allow for all instruments to be heard, or if the sound will equal that of drumsticks banging on a plastic bucket. Most important, not every band is equally skillful, so live music patrons aren’t always sure they are getting their two to five dollars’ worth.

The Kuhvor Banned: Performance notes

The Kuhvor Banned plays floor-shaking punk rock that gets a crowd going. In addition to playing old and new punk rock covers, The Kuhvor Banned provides an extra microphone for enthusiastic, hopefully talented fans who want to get in on the act. I haven’t seen anyone take the band up on the offer yet, but it is a fun idea.

The Kuhvor Banned performs all songs in their set with an energetic accuracy. Audiences get the idea that band members didn’t just learn the tracks to perform them in bars. The songs were learned from a fan’s perspective first. There is something about the detail to performance notes that indicates as much. The Kuhvor Banned’s sound can also be described as raw and polished, thunderous, yet nuanced. Lead singer, Shawn Browning, makes an effort to sound like the original bands’ singers. It is an effective approach that crowds scream for.

That Saturday night, Skeletunes was packed. The tables with barstool chairs, the seats at the bar counter, were all full. Plus, there were patrons standing near the stage to shake their bodies and sing along with beloved tunes like “Ruby Soho” by Rancid. The songs by The Sex Pistols and Green Day were some of the best of the night. The Kuhvor Banned is proof that punk rock is alive and well in Fort Wayne.



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