Old Dominion‘s new single “Written in the Sand” is already looking like a hit. With its catchy tune and fantastic lyrics, fans will love the song. This is the sixth track from their upcoming album, “Happy Endings”, which will be released Aug. 21, and it’s all about the potential of a relationship. Neither side really knows where it’s headed and they’re anxious to find out where the future will take them.

The song is very relatable because it’s probably something everyone has experienced at one point or another. Relationships are hard sometimes, especially when they are just starting out. This song captures those feelings of confusion and excitement perfectly.

Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion co-wrote the song with band-mates Brad Tursi and Trevor Rosen. Producer Shane McAnally also had his hand in the making of “Written in the Sand”. You can check out the single for yourself below:


Old Dominion is still celebrating the success of their breakout hit “Break Up With Him.” As popular as that song is, this new one is bound to be a hit with the group’s fans. It will be exciting to see just how well the album does when it comes out in August.

One of the great things about Old Dominion is that they have a great old-fashioned sound. They have a really gritty sound compared to many of the other artist’s on the radio today. Their classic sound is refreshing to hear on the radio these day’s

You can hear their old soul characteristics in their music. For example, in their hit song “Song for Another Time,” one line, “Before you lose that loving feeling,” is a sweet reference to the great Righteous Brothers.

In the video for another of their hit songs, “Break Up With Him,” the band plays tribute to the Back to the Future series. While the song itself has more of a modern feel this time, the band still managed to throw a retro feel into it with this take on this music video.

“Written in the Sand” has a much more modern feel to it than the rest of their songs. Even in the video, you can see the modern technology touches throughout. However, it still has their signature sound and is very catchy. It’s hard not to love everything the band puts out.

If you want to see the band live, they have a full schedule throughout the rest of the year. July 14 is the date of their next concert, and they will continue to tour steadily through Dec 15. You can check out their full tour schedule on their website.


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