Spiderman: Homecoming…Spidey Returns Home


Spiderman: Homecoming…With great powers comes a great reboot..?


Spiderman: Homecoming is the third reboot of the iconic superhero in the modern cinematic era.  People loved Sam Rami’s version in the early 2000’s.  The last reboot with Andrew Garfield didn’t go over too well though.  Many people wanted Spiderman to return to Marvel Studios and so it kinda of came to be with Spiderman: Homecoming.  While Homecoming does actually represent a homecoming of sorts for Spiderman to Marvel, it’s not a fully Marvel project.  Sony still owns studio rights and just hashed out a multi film agreement with Marvel.  Still, it’s close enough since its part of the much coveted Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Being that Spiderman: Homecoming is part of the MCU, it faced the potential issue of being a movie that pushed other upcoming movies instead of being it’s own solid movie.  Which thankfully enough, doesn’t really come to fruition here.  The tale that Marvel spins ( pardon the pun ) works well enough as a stand alone movie.

Unlike past iterations of Spiderman, Peter Parker returns to his original comic roots as a high schooler in this one.  He has just completed working with the Avengers.  Like any normal kid, he is ecstatic about this.  Parker has been given a new suit by Tony Stark and is just now learning what it takes to be a superhero.  On the flip side, a blue collar worker named Adrian Tooms feels screwed over by the Tony Starks of this world.  Collecting scraps from the aftermath of the first Avengers battle, he is able to put together a frightening weapon that allows him to be the Vulture.  As both Tooms and Parker adapt to their new lifestyles, their fates are destined to clash.

I really liked the realistic street level, almost guerilla-like heroism that is showcased here.  The Avengers are larger than life, so it was a nice alternative to see Spiderman actually be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.  Spiderman: Homecoming has a Kick-Ass feel to it, which is one of my favorite comic movies of all time.  You can really feel that Spiderman is just a kid trying to do his best.  It’s really funny when Spidey tries to go web slinging in his neighborhood.

Marvel has had issues with forgettable villains, but easily the best part of Homecoming is Michael Keaton as the Vulture.  Vulture, who has always been a second-tier villain to Spiderman, really shines here as the no nonsense and menacing Tooms.  Despite the minimal screen time, this movie is worth it alone just for Keaton.  He’s never been better.  I only wish we got more time to see Tooms learn to use his suit as that gets glossed over.

The side characters are also fine.  You can tell there is political correctness going on in the casting which is a little annoying but this is easy to overlook because everyone is pretty funny or like-able or both.  Zendaya is probably the best example of this as she has some funny lines throughout.  I also liked the choice of having the gorgeous Marisa Tomei play a younger Aunt May.  That’s a fresh take that is actually appreciated.

Overall, this is your standard Marvel Universe movie.  There is going to be some references to other films.  We get Captain America and Iron Man.  I really felt Iron Man would overshadow Spiderman, but we get only minor doses of him here.  As far as Spiderman goes, Tom Holland really excels.  He makes a good Peter Parker and Spiderman.  I’m not sure how I feel about the suit though. However it’s tolerable.  This is not a great movie.  It’s a really good one though.

Grade: B+

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Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Credit: Fandango




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