The Vogue hosts Saved by the 90s


The Vogue is about to be all that and a bag of chips because Saved by the 90s is making an appearance on July 15 for a night of 90s hit tracks and groovy outfits. Grab your denim jackets, chokers and throw on a pair of Dr. Martens.

Saved by the 90s is a touring 90s cover band whose repertoire includes everything from “Tubthumbping” to “…Baby One More Time” to “Say It Ain’t So.” With multiple live bands within the Saved by the 90s group spread out throughout the country, Saved by the 90s regularly puts on interactive 90s-themed parties across the United States.

The 21 and over show is set to begin on July 15 at The Vogue at 10 p.m. Doors open at 9 p.m. To attend this bomb event, buy tickets here for $10.

Visit The Vogue’s social media pages for more information on the venue:

The Vogue Twitter

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Visit Saved by the 90s social media pages for more information on the band: 

Saved by the 90s Twitter 

Saved by the 90s Facebook

Saved by the 90s Instagram

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