A carnival for punks – let that soak in for a second. How awesome is the thought of having head-bang-worthy music blasting while you wait in line to ride the Ferris wheel, eating cotton candy that’s too sweet and overpriced? Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend any day! Riot Fest has taken music festivals to a whole new level by integrating everything we love about any festival – food, games, music, rides – and meshing it with everything we love about a good rock concert!

Check out Last year’s Riot:


What makes Riot Fest stand out:

Let’s delve into a small handful of reasons as to why Riot Fest is worth every penny, and why it’s arguably better than most popular music festivals.

Riot Fest 2016 | Photo by Swimfinfan | CC 2.0 | via Flickr


Such a sophisticated word to use when talking about anything even remotely punk! The atmosphere and energy that surrounds this epic festival is like a grungy Coachella for punks — minus the head dresses, plus offensive t-shirts — a much better trade off. You’ve got a couple of dread-headed parents with their children enjoying a hot dog, then you turn your head and see a huge blue Mohawk and a shirt which reads “I miss my bed.” You’re seriously going to be surrounded by all things cool at every corner!

Lots to do

File:Misfits Riot Fest.png
The Misfits perform at Riot Fest 2016 | CC 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

You’re not just standing around, you can enjoy all the quirky activities that make Riot Fest a festival unlike its competitors! There are burlesque dancers, food vendors, luchador wrestling, vintage carnival rides, games – essentially everything you could ever want from both a carnival and a concert! There are so many activities to please each and every individual’s taste – and three whole days of it! They don’t claim to be “more than just a music festival” for nothing!

Riot Fest combines two of the best things in life – a carnival and good music! This year has a great lineup! So you can bet that this festival is going to be one for the books.

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!


Background photo by Sean P. Anderson | Riot Fest, Chicago 2016| CC 2.0 | via Flickr


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