The House Review


The House always wins…..right?

The House is not a horror movie, but actually the latest summer comedy starring Saturday Night Live alums, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler.  It also stars the very funny Jason Mantzoukas.  Two parents are pressed financially to pay for their daughter’s tuition to Bucknell University when the town yanks the granted scholarship away from them. Desperate to not let their daughter down, they team up with their also desperate neighbor, Frank, to run an illegal underground casino in Franks house. 

The premise, while not much to it, does seem moderately interesting.  The jokes in here are on the sophomoric side but are also sort of funny.  I found myself laughing a few times here and there. There’s a certain amount of enjoyment in this. 

Will Ferrell has mellowed out a bit it seems as the years have passed, but it’s still a typical Will Ferrell performance. You either can tolerate him or you can’t.  Out of the headlining duo, Amy Poehler really carries them.  She has some funny moments in this one.  The really hilarious one out of this movie is Jason Mantzoukas.  I haven’t seen him in many things, but he’s awesome.  He alone might make this movie worth watching.

There is a choppy nature to this film. You get the feeling that the production crew was scrambling to stretch out the thin premise and added an awkward sub plot in to pad the run time.  The whole sub plot seemed so unnecessary as its sole purpose is to deliver just one ok laugh towards the end. 

There’s not much else to talk about.  In the end, I didn’t hate this movie like I expected that I might.  Will Ferrell has never been my favorite but he was ok in this.   The net result is a positive one for me.  If you’re looking for a few laughs and have some cash to spare, then check this out. Otherwise, this could be solid rental.

Grade: C+


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