A song-by-song Breakdown of Lil Wayne’s New EP


Without warning Lil Wayne released the four track EP “In Tune We Trust” a couple of days ago. Let’s break it down track by track.


This track hits. It almost has an old school feel to it. Three MCs hop on the mic behind a sparse Trap (*sigh*) beat and they actually rap! No singing, no dull repetition of phrases, but actual lyricism (albeit simple lyricism). Who would have thunk it? Gudda Gudda, the first MC on the track, is a long time Wayne associate. They used to be in Sqad Up together. On “Loyalty” he sets the tone on the beginning of the song with a solid verse. He’s followed by HoodyBaby (another Wayne associate) and then the man himself.



Magnolia is the song that has generated the most buzz. It’s a three-minute freestyle performed by Weezy. As far as I’m concerned it’s a decent freestyle, but it’s definitely not my favorite track on the album. To each his own I guess.




Fireworks featuring Jeezy and produced by all-star, in-demand producer Mike Will. It’s a can’t miss, right? WRONG. The beat is decent, but nothing special. Plus the song has some auto-tune interludes. That’s never a good thing. Naturally non-auto-tune Weezy and Jeezy do their thing, but their skills aren’t enough to rinse the auto-tune from my ears.


“Mula Gang”

HoodyBaby gets his second guest spot on the EP. He is joined by Jay Jones, Euro, and (of course) Wayne. This is another hitter. Simple beat, four MCs and each one brings maximum effort to a very simple premise. It’s not a mind-blowing song, but it does the trick.



Wayne announced the EP on his Twitter. He dedicated the album to his fans to whom, according to him, he owes everything.


The album is available on YouTube and Soundcloud.


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