Garth Brooks just released a brand-new single, and fans are eating it up. “Ask Me How I Know”, written by Mitch Rossell, is one of the most unique songs you’ll find on the radio today.

Rossell wrote the song back in 2015 and was surprised when Garth Brooks sent him an email about it soon after. Of the several songs Rossell wrote and sent over to Brooks, it was “Ask Me How I Know” that he was so interested in.

Its deep meaning is one reason Brooks loves the song so much. Talking to Taste of Country about the new song, Rossell had this to say:

It came out straight from the soul and the heart of me always being that guy in relationships that had to have control and power, and wouldn’t let anybody close enough to ever really love somebody.  I pushed a couple of really good girls away because of that quality. It came from a very real place for me.

While the full song isn’t available for streaming, you can hear a snippet of the song below. It is available on Brook’s “Gunslinger” album, which is on sale at Brook’s website and through Amazon.

Currently, Brooks is at the end of a massive tour that has taken him all over the world. The tour was three years long and is set to wrap up later this year. Rumors have it that Brooks is planning to release a live album after the tour concludes.

Over the years, Brooks has been very successful with his music. He has over 20 awards and received more than 40 nominations. His career first started back in 1985, and he still remains a solid part of country music to this day. He even was the highest selling solo artist of the 20th century.

Hopefully, this will only be the start of his new music. Fans everywhere are ready to fall in love with his music all over again.


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