Baby Driver Is A Wild Ride


Uber goes to the next level

Whenever style meets substance, its obviously a beautiful thing. Director Edgar wright certainly has a flair for style with the occasional bout of substance as well.  I haven’t seen all his movies, but films I have seen like Ant-Man and Shaun of the Dead have been done well.  I especially liked Hot Fuzz. So certainly, there is promise when it comes to Baby Driver despite its unusual title.

Baby Driver is the story of a young man named Baby who also happens to be a driver.  I know this must be disappointing to those who were expecting this to be a young infant driving a car but that’s for another movie. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Baby is obligated to the head of this operation, Doc played by Kevin Spacey, to drive for these heists whenever he calls. Baby is one of the best drivers in the bank robbing circuit but also has some unusual habits that seem to annoy the rotating crew of criminals that he’s assigned to work with on each job. Baby ultimately aspires to live a clean honest life once his debt to doc is payed in full but discovers this leads to complications with his criminal associates that threatens the safety of the people Baby cares about the most. 

Clearly the strongest aspect of Baby Driver is its synergistic combination of style and substance.  The story is compelling. The cinematography and the soundtrack take it over the top. Edgar Wright does an excellent job with using cool visuals and energetic music to get the audience engaged in what’s happening.  It’s a nice artistic touch by the director so kudos to him for that.  On top of that the driving scenes with Baby are exhilarating to watch.

This movie boasts an all star cast and all of them deliver good performances.  Kevin Spacey is well, Kevin Spacey.  You know he’s going to be good.  Jaimie Foxx, who’s gotten better at acting over the years, really conveys the unstable nature of Bats believably.  Jon Hamm makes you forget that he is Jon Hamm with his portrayal of Buddy. Of course, Ansel Elgort does an amazing job in playing baby as you really feel for what the character is going through.  A star performance by him as there may be more roles opening to him after this.

There’s not a lot to dislike with this movie.  Some flashbacks are repeated which could be unnecessary but it does help to drive home the emotional impact of how baby feels.  The last act of the movie does border on being a little outlandish.  This can also be forgiven since the everything done up to that point is good. 

In what has been a mediocre summer so far, Baby Driver is a beacon of light.  It brings the right amount of balance between humor and thrilling action to satisfy all audiences but especially those tiring of comic book movies.  It’s a shame that some movie goers may overlook this because of its deceptively awkward name.  don’t be fooled as this is one of the better original movies of the year.

Grade: A!

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