Stevie Nicks’ enchanting new version of “Gypsy”


In 1982, our favorite Gold Dust Woman sang her way into our hearts via a musical masterpiece by the name of “Gypsy.” Now, 35 years later, the singer decided to polish the song and recreate it ever so subtly for the newest Netflix series titled “Gypsy.”

Gypsy — the series — will release today, June 30. The series follows Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway, a therapist who begins to develop dangerously intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.


The Original

Photo via “Brett Jordan” on Flickr

Recorded at the legendary Le Chateau Studios in France, “Gypsy” is an excellent example of the raw beauty that came from the band’s earlier years together. The original version of “Gyspy” was easy going and paced in a very soothing manner. It was quick, but not too quick. Had energy, but not too much energy. In other words it was artistically and impressively balanced!

Fun fact – Mick Fleetwood himself has stated that “Gypsy” is one of his favorite Fleetwood Mac songs.

“Gypsy” has branded itself as Fleetwood Mac gold and is one of the most well known songs from this time during the band’s career.



Nicks’ newest version of “Gypsy” is a beautiful take on a beautiful classic. Stevie breathes through these lyrics in such a way that allows you to fully absorb each word in a whole new way. She performs from a place in her heart that we haven’t heard from in a while, and it is absolutely bewitching.


“Im very excited for the world to hear ‘Gypsy’ as I wrote it – on piano.”

-Stevie Nicks on newest Version OF “Gypsy”

Nicks has shared that the version people are going to experience via the Netflix series “Gypsy” is how she originally wrote it. The song was intended to be slower, smoother, and have a very special depth to it. The album “Mirage” took the originally slower-paced piece and turned it into the fan favorite that we’ve all come to know and love. Thus being said, it is a very personal and beautiful experience to hear Nicks’ newest release of “Gypsy” – to hear it how it was intended to be heard.




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