Ae dil hai mushkil – Rafi/Geeta – O P Nayyar – Johnny/Kum Kum | CID (1956)


Movie: This song appears in the 1956 crime thriller CID directed by Raj Khosla and produced by Guru Dutt under the banner of Guru Dutt Films. It starred late Dev Anand, Shakila, late K N Singh, late Johnny Walker, Kum Kum, late Mahmood and Waheeda Rehman (debut).

Shrivastav is the editor of a newspaper and is about to expose the nefarious activities of a wealthy and influential man. He requests his friend Inspector Shekhar (Dev Anand) to meet him so that he could tell him about the threat he keeps receiving from the underworld. Shrivastava is killed before Shekhar arrives at the newspaper office. Shekhar suddenly remembers that he had seen a suspicious man in the elevator, while he was on the way to the editor’s office. When Shekhar reaches the streets, the man has already got into a car and left.

To follow the man, Shekhar borrows a woman’s (Shakila) car despite her protests. Though Shekhar explains to her the reason behind his borrowing the car, she throws a fit and even throws the car keys in the mud, while it is raining outside. As a result, they lose the chase. Overnight, Shekhar sleeps on the front seat and the woman in the back seat. When morning comes and they wake up, the woman finds the keys and gives Shekhar the slip to go home alone.

Shekhar returns to the crime scene. Pickpocket Master (Johnny Walker) is found at the crime scene and confesses to Shekhar that he had seen the murderer. Shekhar lets Master go and while coming out of the police station he sings this song. His girlfriend (Kum Kum) joins him in the song.

Song: The lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by O P Nayyar.

The man sings, “O heart, it is difficult to live here. Step aside. Take care. This is Bombay, my dear.” The girl replies, “O heart, it is easy to live here. Listen, Mister. Listen, friend. This is Bombay, my dear.”

Video: Cinematography is by late V K Murthy and late Anwar.

The video opens with Johnny Walker stepping out of the police station and bumping into a police constable. The actor apologizes to the policeman and goes further, beginning this song. He bumps into a Sardar and picks his pocket, finding nothing inside the wallet. He throws the wallet away and continues the song.

He plays the harmonica now. He blocks the path of a small boy and continues the song. He embraces the boy and then lets him go. Kum Kum is traveling on a horse carriage and Johnny Walker sees her. He gets into the moving carriage and first sits with the driver. He moves to the passenger seat behind with Kum Kum.

Kum Kum is upset with him because she found him in the police station just before this song-sequence. She joins him in the song and says that Bombay is something opposite of what he had said. The song peters out and the video ends as Johnny Walker covers Kum Kum’s face with the edge of her sari.

Artists: The playback singers are Mohammad Rafi and Geeta Dutt and onscreen performances are by Johnny Walker and Kum Kum, among others.

Cultural Influence: When the movie had released, the songs had become very popular. Now, this typically filmi song is worth watching at least once during leisure.


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