Drake, Nicki Minaj and the first ever NBA Awards


The NBA Awards were on TNT last night and hip-hop had a strong presence. Anytime basketball and rap meet I’m there for it. Let’s take a look at three notable performers.


I never thought I would be singing (writing?) Drake’s praises on the internet. In actuality it makes sense. Drake is a talented performer and he was an actor before he was a rapper. I kind of wish he did more of the former still…

In the first sketch, one of my least favorite NBA players (Steph Curry) is impersonated by a rapper (Drake) that I don’t like. Even with all of that working against it, the skit is funny. They got Draymond’s character acting a fool, a jab at Seth Curry and they poke fun at the NBA’s beloved power couple. It’s more than I could ask for.




Drake wasn’t finished. He followed up that skit, which relied heavily on references, with a sketch starring himself and Will Ferrell. In the “Handshake” sketch Drake shows that he’s actually just funny. He doesn’t need to make fun of famous people to be funny. He has the chops.



So yeah, Drake doesn’t have to take cheap shots. But when he does take cheap shots they should always be at Draymond. ALWAYS.




For some reason Shaq was the DJ. Basically the producers of the show know that if you stick Shaq in front of a camera he’ll make something happen. Check out his playlist for the evening here. I’ll say this about the playlist: if we were judging it on taste alone Shaq would have been fired.

We’re not judging it on taste alone though. We have Shaq for moments like these:


That’s kind of more of a Chuck moment…but still, Shaq had to be there to help it along.

Nicki Minaj

The Nicki Minaj performance got mixed reviews. It wasn’t bad. It was just kind of boring. Take a look at the video below. Halfway through you’ll still be waiting for the moment when it all kicks into gear. You can stop waiting. It doesn’t.



The NBA Awards were a success. The league made us wait 3 months to find out the winners, but they managed to have an entertaining show. When basketball and hip-hop meet up, everyone wins. Only four more months until the next NBA season!



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