Kya hawa chali – Manna Dey – Salil Chaudhury | Parakh (1960)


Movie: This song appears in the semi-hit 1960 movie Parakh (Test) produced and directed by late Bimal Roy under the banner of Bimal Roy Productions. The movie starred late Sadhana, late Basanta Chowdhury, late Durga Khote, late Leela Chitnis, late Nazir Hussain, late Kanhaiyalal, late Jayant, late Asit Sen, late Motilal, late Keshto Mukherjee, etc..

The movie begins with post-master Nivaran (Nazir Hussain) of the village is presented a cheque of 0.5 million rupees (5 lakhs) to be given to someone who would use the money for the benefit of the people of the village. The postman Haradhan (Motilal) pretends to be lame, is really a rich man and could have sent the cheque. The postmaster’s wife (Leela Chitnis) is ill and wants to use to money to cure her sickness. At the same time, his beautiful daughter Seema (Sadhana) is in love with the village schoolmaster Rajat Sen Sharma (Basanta Choudhury).

When the villagers get to know about the cheque, everybody becomes greedy and acts like they are the most deserving people around. The village priest, the landlord, the money lender, the village doctor, etc. begin to act like they need the money. It is, now, that an ascetic sings this song.

Song: The lyrics have been penned by Shailendra and the music has been composed by Salil Chowdhury.

The gist of the song is, “What kind of breeze is flowing? The season has changed. It is being loudly heard everywhere, that a sinner is trying to look like a saint.”

Video: Director of Photography is Kamal Bose. Dance choreography is by Badri Prasad.

The video opens with the actor playing the ascetic beginning the dance at the same time playing the ek tara. He is wearing heavy anklets. He begins to sing. Children are attracted to the song. The village priest (Kanhaiyalal) welcomes the lower-class people to the village temple, without any discrimination.

The village doctor begins to treat poor people for free. Every time someone acts differently from his usual behavior, people laugh at them because they know the reason behind it. The song peters out and the video ends as the ascetic leaves the place.

Artists: The playback singer is Manna Dey.

Cultural Influence: This typically filmi song is filled with sarcasm and is in the guise of a devotional song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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