The Kooks released a “best of” album, giving us all the shocking reminder that 2006 was 11 years ago. The band released their first album in 2006 and a little over 10 years of music making later, they compiled an album of their (and our) favorites.

They were brought to the attention of those of us in America, by the soundtrack of the first movie Zac Efron did after High School Musical.  “Naive” was on the “17 Again” soundtrack and it opened all of us up to the world of the British alt-rock band. Since then the band has narrated our teen years and helped us over the bridge from angst-filled- teen- punk-bands into more grown up Post- Punk bands.


They have now come back to remind us of how long ago that journey was and how we are officially “adults,” whatever that means. Since The Kooks soundtracked many of the firsts from our youth, it is only fitting that they are responsible for the first “Greatest Hits” album from a band that we didn’t discover after they broke up. The Kooks have released 4 Albums and a collection of remixes since they formed back in 2004, giving them plenty of songs and singles for “The Best of… So Far.”

The Album has a little bit of everything, including “Naïve,” “She Moves Her Own Way,” “Junk of the Heart,” and “Seaside.” They also snuck a new song on the track list.

“Be Who You Are” is a good representation of everything The Kooks have been over the years. The song feels sentimental, like something you would play with your friends the last time you hang out before you head off to college. It has everything you love about the Kooks, angst, strong guitar riffs, chanting, you name it. It is hard to tell where it is going at first, but it travels through the band’s sound journey. The song reminds you a little bit of every album, making it the perfect addition to their album.

Be Who You Are

They have taken off on a world tour to promote “The Best of… So Far” and are probably coming to a city near you, check out the dates.

Listen to the album.


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