The 5 best All American Rejects songs


Remember the All American Rejects? Of course you do, and you still love them – it’s your dirty little secret! It’s been almost ten years since they’ve produced a new album! Did you know that they’re still playing concerts? Pretty crazy, right? I love it though! They’re playing a show in Detroit at the end of next month – I just might have to pop in!

The All American Rejects were born in 1997 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The “Rejects” consist of lead guitarist/backing vocalist Nick Wheeler, lead vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter, rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor. The group officially achieved success amongst the general public with their self-titled album “The All-American Rejects.” The album was released in 2003 on the Dreamworks Records label. Impressively, the album was also certified platinum by the RIAA!

The band was a pretty big deal in the early 2000’s, and played an even bigger role in what made that time such a special memory to so many of us! So with that, let’s get nostalgic and remember what was so excellent about them! Here’s the five best – at least at to me – All American Rejects Songs!

The Five Best All American Rejects Songs

1. Gives You Hell

Yes! You had to have known this one was going to be the first mention. “Gives You Hell” was the fourth track on the band’s 2008 album “When the World Comes Falling Down.” This was the last album the band has done in nine whole years – I think they’re overdue!

2. Dirty Little Secret

Here’s another one that basically everyone knows! It’s been in movies and all that wonderful nonsense, so it’s a song that’s hard to miss when you’re a true fan of this band! This song is undeniably one of the most popular songs from the band, and more often than not, the first song most people tend to listen to.

3. Paper Heart

Catchy and simple, just like this description! From their successful 2003 self titled album, this song is hands down the cutest and bubbliest song by this band of alternative rockers!

4. Swing, Swing

That distinctive intro just gives it away – “Swing Swing” is a song which sound-wise is unlike any of its competitors. The majority of the song has that familiar alternative rock feel, but it’s the intro and the ending that make this song stand confidently on its own.

5. Move Along

Yep. We just had to end on a great note! From the 2005 album, which has the same title as the song, this legendary All American Rejects song is encouraging, powerful, comforting, and entertaining all at once! Isn’t that what good art – especially music – should always be?


So with that, I recommend you go listen to all of your favorite All American Rejects albums – it’s fun to get nostalgic!


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  1. Move Along is everything, this song got me through so many difficult events. And you’re right, Dirty Little Secret is the song that placed AAR on the map; I’ve been a fan of the band ever since the release of their video in 2005.

    Insta @alexsalcedo

  2. Actually they released an album called “Kids In The Street” in 2012
    It has a more mature sound so everyone left them in the dark
    They have new music coming out this year

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