Rough Night Review


Rough Night isn’t so rough 

Rough Night is the latest all female comedic ensemble film to hit the theaters.  It’s about 5 best friends from college who reunite after 10 years to party in Miami for a bachelorette weekend.  Things start out fun and crazy, but get even crazier when the group accidently kills a stripper they hired. The group goes through several ways of trying to cover this crime up, leading them to an assortment of comedic obstacles. Ultimately, this mishap brings them closer together as they resign themselves to their fate. 

Ok, so that’s not a very original sounding plot.  It sounds derivative of The Hangover combined with Very Bad Things and some Weekend at Bernie’s. Most of Hollywood films these days are lacking originality and are rehashes of other movies though. At least it doesn’t take a cherished franchised and bastardize it with feminist propaganda like Ghostbusters did last year.  Ultimately, what it comes down to is execution.  Does Rough Night make you laugh? 

Yes, it does.  I was expecting cringey comedy but it’s not like that.   Also, there’s no feminist agenda here.  Sure, typical gender roles are reversed as the men prefer to hang out and sip wine, while the women party hard and hire strippers.  That’s the point.  It’s played to be funny and not some sort of social commentary.  So that’s appreciated.

All the actresses do a decent job.  Scarlett Johannsson has the reputation as an action star, so it’s nice to see her let loose with something different.  She has a nice comedic personality.  I enjoyed seeing her not be so serious.  All the other supporting actors are great.  Kate McKinnon was hilarious as the Aussie, Pippa. Sometimes she becomes a little too eccentric in her movies, but she’s got nice balance in this one.  Zoe Kravitz is also a standout.  Not only does she look great, but she played the sassy role well. We also get some funny cameos from Demi Moor and Ty Burrell. 

This film has some flaws here and there. For one thing, the ending seems rushed and very convenient. Especially when you consider these girls killed a man but hey, this is not real life so whatever I guess. Other than that, everything hums along quite nicely. The main plot starts out kind of tacky, but gets interesting once the stripper dies. There’s also a subplot featuring Jess’s fiancé that really picks up steam every time they come back to it. I was busting a gut with laughter during these scenes.

Rough Night is a fun dark comedy.  It’s not just a chick flick either.  The film can legitimately be enjoyed by both sexes.  Check this one out with your friends, not your family though!

Grade: B


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