Kya lagti hai haye Rabba – Vinod Rathod – Anand-Milind – Govinda | Dulhe Raja (1998)


When I watched this song now, I just remembered something from my childhood. While discussing movie stars, my sister’s friends would say that Govinda has 64 teeth. His teeth are arranged so neatly that they appear to be more than that of a normal human being. 🙂

Movie: The song appears in the movie Dulhe Raja (1998) produced and directed by late Harmesh Malhotra under the banner of Eastern Films. It is a rom-com starring Govinda, Raveena Tandon, Kader Khan, Prem Chopra, Johnny Lever, Dinesh Hingoo and Asrani.

K K Singhania (Kader Khan) buys an expensive hotel ‘Maharaja International’ from P K Diwani (Dinesh Hingoo). Raja (Govinda) runs a Dhaba (a small desi restaurant) inside the hotel premises, creating a drop in the earnings of Singhania’s hotel. Any which way Singhania tries to dislocate Raja’s Dhaba ends in failure and hilarity.

Singhania’s daughter has an altercation with Raja’s servant (Man Mauji) and Raja decides to confront her at an auditorium. But, he loses his heart to her at the end of her performance there. He begins to follow her everywhere and one day, he sings this song for her.

Song: Music by Anand Milind and lyrics by Sameer.

The boy sings praises of the girl in a typical and local Bambaiya style (belonging to Mumbai). There is no real poetry in the lyrics only rhyming of words.

Video: Cinematography by Shyam Rao Shiposkar. Dance choreography is by Ganesh Acharya-Chinni Prakash.

The video begins with Raveena Tandon running on the streets and bumping into the people walking on it. Govinda also follows her. He beckons some uniformed male dancers. Raveena Tandon goes on to hide behind the outcropping in a wall. Govinda knows that she is there and begins dancing and gesturing that she is there with the other male dancers.

Raveena Tandon peeps out and moves back as she discerns that he has seen her. She squats right there. Govinda begins the song. Suddenly the pace of the song increases and so does his dance. He follows her and suddenly there is a change of dress and location. The extra dancers are made to wear different types of traditional dresses.

When there is another change of dress and location, Raveena Tandon complains about Govinda top 2 constables. He makes friends with the constables very easily and they also perform a few dance steps with him. The song, soon, peters out and the video ends as Raveena Tandon kicks his back hard!

Artists: Vinod Rathod sings the playback and Govinda and others dance to its tune. Raveena Tandon is followed and troubled by Govinda.

Cultural Influence: The song has some typical Marathi folk dance undertones. This song has an entertainment purpose only. The dance can be enjoyed by children and older people alike.


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