47 Meters Down Review


This shark attack flounders

Everyone loves a good shark movie.  It seems like every one of them is great right?  The Shallows, which came out last year, was cool. Sharknado is an epic.  Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating on the Sharknado thing. In all reality, despite the popularity of sharks, we haven’t gotten a good shark movie since Jaws came out thirty years ago.  Basically, every shark movie that comes out these days is of straight to DVD release quality.

Thankfully we have 47 Meters Down to pacify our shark hunger for this summer.  This isn’t any chump straight to DVD movie…. oh wait.  It is.  This movie was planned to be released straight to DVD until the studio that purchased it decided to try its hand in the theater.  When a movie is made straight for DVD, that’s never a good sign for the quality. Will 47 Meters be the one to break the mold?

No, it won’t.  It’s everything you expect it to be.  In terms of plot, it doesn’t get any flimsier than this.  Two sisters are on vacation in Mexico.  They meet a couple guys who dare them to go into a shark tank with them the next day. One of the sisters is down, but the other sister is only convinced when she realizes she can make her ex-boyfriend jealous from all the cool pictures she can take! The next day, the girls go into the tank and are lowered into the ocean, when the widget breaks.  The shark cage sinks all the way down to the bottom of the ocean and now they are in a race against time to be rescued before they run out of oxygen.  Oh yeah, there’s sharks also!

I can pretty much enjoy anything with sharks so it was cool that the shots of the sharks in here were impressive.  So that’s nice.  That’s all there is to get into with this movie though and we don’t really get the sharks that often. They pop here and there to provide jump scares but nothing more. 

The concept of this movie does sound cool in theory. When you watch it you realize it’s one note.  After the girls sink to the ocean floor, the movie stagnates as there is not much you can do with the story at that point. 

If you have a thin concept, you better have some good acting.  The acting in here is not too great. Mandy Moore, while capable in some other films, is cheesy.  The motivations for her character are comical.  Claire Holt and Matthew Modine are actually ok. 

The ending is gimmicky.  By the time you realize how it’s going to go, you’re wishing for the movie to be over already. This movie is the epitome of a straight to DVD movie.  If you like sharks, maybe you can check this one at theaters but I’d wait to rent it later.

Grade: D+




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