Classic Brian Eno albums set for vinyl reissue


Coldplay and U2-producer¬†Brian Eno is reissuing four classic albums from his early career: “Here Come the Warm Jets,” “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy),” “Another Green World” and “Before and After Science” will be released on 2xLP vinyl on August 4, 2017.

The albums were transferred via a half-speed mastering technique, meaning the reissues are intended to be played at 45rpm for optimal sound quality.

Brian Eno’s groundbreaking albums from the mid-1970’s will be reissued on vinyl

The four albums, released between 1974-1977, are generally considered by critics to be stylistically linked: they help bridge the gap from Eno’s glam rock roots as keyboardist with Roxy Music towards his more experimental work as producer and ambient musician. The albums have also proven highly influential with both British and American punk and post-punk musicians in the decades that followed.

Eno himself has continued building on the experiments of these albums for the past few decades both as a producer and musician. News of the reissues comes a day after Eno, a pioneer of generative music, announced the release of an iPhone app designed for Coldplay that detects when their song “Hypnotised” is being played, then generates a melody at random when it hears the song’s piano notes.

Check out the trailer above.


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