Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you this – “Buckingham Nicks” wins by a Landslide! 

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On June 9th, Lindsey Buckingham and Christie McVie released their long-anticipated (at least between the two artists) duo-album! To say that I was unimpressed would be an understatement.

44 years ago, Fleetwood Mac‘s Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham released their duo-album “Buckingham Nicks” via Polydor Records. The two created this literal work of art together prior to their involvement in the legendary Fleetwood Mac. Yes – the album was a commercial failure, and not every Fleetwood Mac fan is aware of this hidden treasure. However, the shame is that this album is gold!

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Each track consists of chillingly beautiful harmonies and Buckingham’s impressively masterful guitar skills – honestly, how could you go wrong? Being that this was at the start of the two musician’s musical relationship, there’s that fresh energy that the album exudes on top of its musical excellence! Truly, it’s incomparable to Buckingham and McVie’s recent release; however, that’s exactly what were about to do – compare the two!


The Primary Differences between “Buckingham Nicks” and “Buckingham McVie”

1. The Energy

This is arguably the most evident difference between the two albums – the difference in their energies is terribly noticeable! By this I mean that in “Buckingham McVie” – at least compared to literally everything else they’ve worked on together – you can tell that they’re not completely invested. It’s more to make money and fulfill a selfish desire to get creative with eachother – which is not necessarily a bad thing, and it was certainly overdue! It’s understandable. However, as previously stated, still incomparable to “Buckingham Nicks.” When Nicks and Buckingham decided to collaborate, you could feel the blossoming musical (and personal) chemistry between the two. It was beautiful to say the least, and certainly authentic – something that shone through in every song.


2. The Sound

Alright, I lied – this has the be the most evident difference between the two albums! So many aspects of each song within Buckingham and McVie’s recent album sounded extremely similar, and it got boring! In Buckingham Nicks, every song has a distinctive sound and can stand on its own.


3. The Album Cover

This one isn’t as important, but it’s definitely worth bringing up. The album cover for Buckingham Nicks seemingly lacks emotion, yet the depth of the cover’s simplicity is one which successfully triggers intense emotion – a truly artistic contrast. The soft colors, the soft facial expressions – everything about the cover prepares you for the magic that lies within the album itself. Buckingham McVie’s album cover exudes a similar simplicity – minus the artistic contrasts and depth.

4. The Flow of the Tracks

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This is a simple comparison to make – Buckingham and McVie’s album felt like it was all over the place. Buckingham Nicks on the other hand had a subtle unorganized aspect that was balanced. It was artistic, in other words.

Ultimately, all three of these musicians are indescribably talented. It’s just a shame that the newest duo-album feels so sloppy! Regardless, you should give it a listen – your opinion may oppose mine! I certainly hope it does. Additionally – do yourself a favor and go listen to “Buckingham Nicks!” You will be so happy you decided to!


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2 responses to ““Buckingham Nicks” Vs. “Buckingham McVie””

  1. This review is pretentious and ridiculous. What music critic worth their salt would factor in album cover art? Who would criticize one album for being consistent and then praise the other for being uneven? Geesh, I felt like I was reading an album review in a high school newspaper, but it makes perfect sense Ms. Tamez would favor a less mature album. Her faux-intellectualizing cannot mask the fact that she has no idea what she’s talking about. And speaking what’s not being talked about, the Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album is essentially a Fleetwood Mac album. All members are present except Stevie Nicks. (Shrewd Ms. Nicks had her lawyers contractually bind Fleetwood Mac from using its band name on a project that does not include her.) This is another reason why comparing the “Buckingham McVie” album to the Buckingham Nicks album is a pointless exercise.

    • Ouch, differentiating opinions are a soft spot for the mysterious “G.S.” haha. I agree, all opinions that aren’t the same as mine are pretentious and ridiculous.

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