You know what’s about to go down the second you hear that distinctive groovy guitar intro! An anthem for every West Coast born music buff, and a dreamy “getaway” for those who have to bare cold winters, it would be a sin to even attempt to compare the track to it’s rivaling musical peers.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers pretty much immortalized themselves in Rock history via this mellow earworm. In fact – the song reached number 1 on both the US Mainstream Rock Tracks for two weeks, and US Modern Rock Tracks for one week. Impressive? Absolutely.

The Dark Side of Hollywood

“Californication” is by far one of the catchiest mellow tunes of the early 2000’s/late 1990’s. Though the real magic happens when you decide to take a longer look at the picture that the song paints of the so-called glamorous “Hollywood” lifestyle.

Hollywood Drive In at Night | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Hardcore soft porn, psychic spies from China, breaking the spell of aging – you know, the “norm.” At least this is true for the those who linger within the star-studded hills, or even call it home. The song brilliantly takes aspects of pop culture and turns them into honest lyrics. An honesty which surpasses what most are able to entirely comprehend.

Music tends to glorify the Hollywood lifestyle, but the Chili Peppers decided to take an opposing route – one of truth. This fact alone lands the track a spot on the short (yet impressive) list of music that is purely authentic all the way around.

An additionally impressive (yet slightly off-topic) fact to point out is that the song has reached gold both in the U.K., as well as platinum in Italy! So way to go, fellas – it’s certainly not surprising!

There’s just so much about “Californication” that has branded itself as a legend in both history and our hearts! Sunset drives down the Pacific Coast Highway with this track playing in the background makes for a stellar moment filled with color and good vibes.

So happy 18 years of being awesome, “Californication!” Your greatness exceeds whatever expectations you may have had!


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