Eent ki duggi paan ka ikka – Mohammad Rafi – O P Nayyar – Om Prakash | Howrh Bridge (1958)


Movie: This song has appeared in the movie Howrah Bridge (1958) produced and directed by late Shakti Samanta under the banner of Shree Shakti Films. This movie starred late Om Prakash, late Ashok Kumar, late Madan Puri, late Madhubala, late K N Singh, late Dhumal, Chaman Puri, etc.
Rakesh (Ashok Kumar) and Madan (Chaman Puri) are brothers, living with their father (Brahm Bharadwaj) in Rangoon. Madan falls into bad company and steals the family heirloom, which is in the shape of a dragon, with some cash and runs away to India. Within a few days, his dead body is recovered near Calcutta’s Howrah Bridge. Rakesh travels to Calcutta to find out more about the mystery of Madan’s death. He also wants to bring back the family heirloom.
While traveling to Calcutta (Kolkata now) via a ship, he encounters Edna (Madhubala), a dancer. He meets her again at a shady restaurant where Madan was seen live for the last time. Edna and her Uncle Joe (Dhumal) work as drug-smugglers for Pyarelal (K N Singh) and John Chang (Madan Puri). Pyarelal is attracted to Edna. Edna pays Rakesh’s horse cart driver Shyamu (Om Prakash) so that Rakesh can check into her Uncle Joe’s hotel. The horse cart driver is actually Rakesh’s friend and had told him that Edna was the right person to ask about Rakesh’s brother. Thus, Rakesh and Edna get close to each other. But, Pyarelal does not like this and insists that he would marry Edna.
In the meantime, the horse cart driver takes Rakesh to a jeweler, discreetly, to get a duplicate dragon. Rakesh disguises as an Arab Sheikh and approaches John Chang from the shady hotel to apparently sell the ‘precious’ dragon. But, Chang gets suspicious and sends his henchmen to bring him back. Rakesh sits inside the covered horse carriage. The horse cart driver insists that it was a woman, who was inside the carriage. One of the men is suspicious and sits with the driver to go with him to the destination. It is at this time that the horse cart driver sings this song.
Song: Music composer is O P Nayyar and the lyrics have been written by the famous lyricist and Urdu poet Qamar Jalalabadi.
The gist of the song is that the horse carriage driver is getting philosophical and compares life in Kolkata with playing cards.
Video: Cinematography is by Chandu. Dance has been choreographed by Surya Kumar.
The video opens with the horse carriage running across the streets of Calcutta. Om Prakash begins the song as he throws playing cards in the air. The actor playing the goon is sitting with him smoking a cigarette. They pass many historical monuments.
Ashok Kumar is sitting hidden inside the carriage still wearing the Sheikh’s costume. Om Prakash hints to him that he should save himself from the goons. Ashok Kumar jumps out of the carriage and the song peters out.
The video ends as Om Prakash continues to drive the carriage.
Artists: Singer is Mohammad Rafi and Om Prakash and Ashok Kumar perform onscreen.
Cultural Influence: This is a typically filmi song where a horse carriage driver gets philosophical. But, the song is situational and takes the story forward. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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