Amy Lee’s “Speak to Me”


Amy Lee, the goddess who brought us such chilling classics as “Lithium” and “Immortal” is at it again!

Amy Lee | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Roughly two months ago, Evanescence singer, Amy Lee, released “Speak to Me.” The single was written for the film “Voice From The Stone.” The impassioned film features a motherless son and the nurse assigned to aid him. Lee says that – being a new mother herself – the tale deeply resonated within her. This depth is ultimately what inspired┬áthe singer to work on the project.

Amy Lee’s voice is liquid gold to say the very least. The 35-year-old artist emits the same intensity and beauty that she has effortlessly poured into all of her work. The film holds a similar amount of intensity and emotion, though takes a more haunting approach to said depth.

Artistically, it’s quite brilliant allowing Amy Lee to sing even one track on a film with such an evocative vision. Lee has this ability to leave an indelible impression on listeners, regardless of their taste in music.

“It is a rare phenomenon to really share a creative vision so completely, and that made for a very powerful experience, and an end result that I am very proud of.”

-Amy Lee on working with Eric Howell and Michael Wandmacher

Amy watched “Voice From the Stone” prior to her creating “Speak To Me” and saw far beyond the surface. The singer’s ability to adequately capture the depth of a situation and magnify that with such elegance distinguishes her amongst fellow artists. Most would watch this movie and see an average frightening tale. Lee saw love, and the raw intensity of that love. This fueled her drive to write an equally enthralling melody to accompany that profundity.

Classic Amy Lee — “Speak to Me” will literally transport you into a whole new world! Make sure to give it a listening to, or even better – go watch “Voice From The Stone” and experience the inspiration behind the musical masterpiece!


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