SiR: A tale of soul, funk and West Coast vibrance


At the beginning of 2016, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment announced, via Instagram, that his record label would sign two new members.

For a time, their identities were concealed as ‘John Doe 1’ and ‘John Doe 2.’ But in a press release published in January, TDE revealed that, ‘John Doe 2’ is SiR Darryl Farris of Inglewood, CA. SiR is a soulful singer and songwriter who has written for and collaborated with artists like Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and Jazzy Jeff.

 Kendrick Lamar promoted, “HER” on his Twitter page, which fueled speculation of future engagement between SiR and TDE.

SiR, “Her” and “Queen”

His EP, “HER”  takes the first step toward the redefinement of modern R&B. In full support of the genre’s shift, Kendrick Lamar promoted, “HER” on his Twitter page, fueling speculation of future engagement between SiR and TDE.

A standout track from, “HER” is the song, “Queen,” based on SiR’s wife, whom he has known since the age of fifteen. This song magnificently illustrates the ambiance and atmospheric vibes enjoyed between SiR and his Queen.

The whole point of the [HER] project was to have something positive for women to listen to, ‘cause nowadays it’s just so much negativity, I believe in being the change you want to see, and painting a beautiful picture. -Genius

Before the official confirmation of a deal with TDE,  Sir mapped out his own unique route. In 2012, SiR began his career engineering for R&B heavyweight, Tyrese. Along the way, he exerted his influence through songwriting for artists like Jill Scott, Anita Hill and Glenn Lewis. SiR found himself featured on TDE counterparts Isaiah Rashad’s “The Sun’s Tirade” and Jay Rock’s “90059.” All of these accolades display the way SiR has profoundly advanced himself amongst the ranks of singer/songwriters.

In The Family

Music has always palyed a major part in SiR’s life. His mother has been the director of church music for over thirty years, and she’s lended her talents to the music industry via backup singing for artists like Tina Turner and Michael Jackson. His Uncle, currently the musical director for Chaka Khan, was once a bassist for Prince.  SiR’s two older brothers, Daniel and Davion Farris, formed a group called, “Woodworks” and helped write Jaheim’s 2007 hit song, “Never.” Suffice to say, SiR has been genetically predisposed to a career in soulful music.

Originally, SiR rejected his familial musical aspirations to pursue his dream of becoming an NBA player. He focused his energy on playing basketball at Inglewood High, while his brothers fixated themselves upon making music. Eventually, he graduated from Los Angeles Film School and moved to Hollywood. As his hoop dreams faded, SiR found himself working as a gym manager and dealing with internal struggle. Experimentation with drugs, uncertainty and a lack of ambition nearly cost SiR everything.

Leaving Hollywood, SiR moved home with his mother and started to realize his impending musical opportunity. In 2012, his brothers landed him a chance to engineer for Tyrese. Later on in 2012, SiR would release his debut album, “Wooden Voodoo.” His next collection, “Long Live Dilla” materialized in 2014 as a blend of original records and a tribute to legendary producer, J Dilla. But it wasn’t until 2015, that SiR began to gain recognition with the release of debut LP, “Seven Sundays.”

Discovering A Niche

During stretches between releases, SiR found himself writing songs for other artists, where he found his niche. Networking and dedication put SiR in an advantageous position amongst respected soulful artists. Development of consistent songwriting samples has yielded deserved recognition for SiR.

SiR has emerged upon the hip-hop scene as a vessel of longevity, and as ‘John Doe 2,’ he’s overshadowed ‘John Doe 1’ with a stronger appeal. SiR describes his sound as, “soulful, with a hip-hop twist,” drawing off his belief that today’s hip-hop and R&B are leaning toward trap.

Moving into the future, SiR’s sights are set on developing his own personal vibe, and thus far he has aptly showcased his originality.

Top Dawg Entertainment released “Her Too” on February 10th. It featured production from J.LBS, Cardiak and Andre Harris. As a whole, “Her Too” represents SiR’s subtle and soulful nature. SiR does not care much for the spotlight and lives a rather private life, but certainly, privacy will prove to be a fleeting commodity for SiR, the newest rising constituent of Top Dawg Entertainment.


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