An air of somberness has swept across the EDM community in the past few days with the death of longstanding drum and bass maestro, and founder of multiple significant record labels, Marcus Kaye — more commonly known as Trevino and Marcus Intalex.

The details on Intalex’s death are scarce, and its cause still unknown. Yet while the circumstances remain unclear, the mourning remains anything but. Notable artists and producers from myriad parts of the electronic dance sphere are collecting both in person and online to grieve Kaye’s passing and pay tribute to this singular figure.

Intalex’s drum and bass pioneering began the early 90s after a brief stint as a house DJ. In addition to producing his own groundbreaking work that merged other UK dance genres with the emerging UK drum and bass sound of the ear, he co-hosted the Manchester-based electronic music radio show “Da Intalex” up until year 2000; during his tenure as host, the show amassed an impressive cult following and helped to further the popularization of drum and bass music nationally.

As well as being a producer, radiohost, and the founder of record labels Soul:R, Revolve:r, and Birdie (labels housing and granting exposure to many other musicians notable in their own right), Intalex was extremely active as a DJ and touring artist from the early 90s onward, with his most legendary performances all taking place at any one of his Soul:ution parties -a series of drum and bass celebrations taking place periodically at Band On The Wall in Manchester- for which he acted as founder, promoter, and ever-popular resident DJ. Until recently, Kaye was scheduled to perform at his latest Soul:ution party at The Pickle Factory in London on May 28th of this year. Intalex remained active, touring, and always making music up until the very end.

In 2013, the Manchester MIDI School (a center renowned for its expert courses on music production) introduced the Marcus Intalex scholarship for aspiring producers. The scholarship remains a mainstay at the school to this day, allowing the bold legacy of Marcus Intalex to live on in the work of new generations of musicians whom he continues to inspire.


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