It’s an exciting time for Smash Mouth as the twentieth anniversary of its first album “Fush Yu Mang” is this year. While in the process of creating an acoustic version of the album and touring this summer, this rock band will be making a stop in the unlikeliest of places: a central Indiana suburb.

The band is set to play a show at the City of Fishers’ AMP After Dark concert series on June 9. The band is the most well known musical act to ever play the Hamilton County suburb thus far.

We spoke with the band about the twentieth anniversary of “Fush Yu Mang,” touring and experimenting with musical genres.

How does it feel to be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of “Fush Yu Mang?”

Smash Mouth: It feels great! It is a milestone achievement that resonates to this day.

How does touring feel now compared to when Smash Mouth was touring in the late 90s?

Smash Mouth: Less partying these days and more sleep… but the excitement level is still the same as it always was.

What’s your favorite song to perform currently?

Smash Mouth: Right now I’m loving “Then The Morning Comes.”

Last year you released “Soldier,” an EDM track that was a bit different compared to Smash Mouth’s previous releases. Do you think the band will continue to experiment with different styles like EDM in the future?

Smash Mouth: Yes, definitely. We love experimenting with various styles. Talking about some cool collaborations with a few artists as well.

Do you have any pre-show rituals you like doing on this tour?

Smash Mouth: We don’t have many full band rituals but there is a daily routine that we go through. And we all have our own rituals we practice.

Anything else you want people to know?

Smash Mouth: Lot’s of great stuff happening this year around the 20th anniversary of our first album “Fush Yu Mang”. We are re-recording the album acoustically as well as releasing a “Walkin On The Sun” remix compilation CD. We even have our own anniversary celebration wine!

This is a free show but you need a ticket to enter. To obtain tickets to see Smash Mouth in Fishers, Indiana, visit Honda of Fishers before Friday to pick up a family four pack while supplies last. For more information, visit 107.9 The Mix.


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