It’s hard to believe the mystical gypsy queen of Rock ages at all – but guess what? She just turned 69!

Stevie Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona on May 26, 1948. This gold dust woman knew long before she signed with the illustrious Fleetwood Mac that she wanted to be a performer. In fact, Nicks was sure of this long before she even met Lindsey Buckingham!

Stevie Nicks | via Wikimedia Commons

Right after a sixth-grade talent show, Stevie Nicks decided to pursue a life of music – I have never been more thankful for anything in my life! Following this decision, Nicks sought the help of her grandfather, who taught her how to sing with that distinctive bewitching tone!

Stevie Nicks as a whole is a presence worthy of celebration. Not only because of the music she’s privileged us with, but for the pure joy she brings to this world just by being alive.

Let’s talk a little bit about all that has made the world fall in love with this endlessly charming woman.


“Nicks Nostalgia” that will make your heart do flips:

Stevie Nicks made Harry Styles cry with her unearthly vocal abilities.

I mean, I cry just thinking about her vocal abilities, so this comes as no surprise to me! Harry Styles has got some golden pipes – pairing that up with Stevie Nicks was a brilliant move, and made for a memorable moment in music history! While the two sang the infamous “Landslide” Nicks had Styles in absolute tears by the end of it! It was so sweet, so pure, and such a personal moment that everyone was able to share alongside this former boy-band hot shot.

Also, just as a side note – if I were that girl who was recording Nicks at her feet, I wouldn’t be on my phone. I would be a blubbering mess staring up at this queen with stars in my eyes!


This Never-Before-Seen footage of Stevie Nicks Killing “Gypsy” (via Rolling Stone)

Grab a sweater, it’s about to get chilly. Nicks takes an already charming tune and transforms it into a spellbinding work of art in this video released by Rolling Stone. Her voice reaches areas of our souls that aren’t reachable by any other voice or energy – always has, always will!


Nicks accurately describes the importance of a good song

In 1976, Stevie Nicks discussed via an interview the importance of a good song to its vulnerable listener. Nicks states that what her music does for its listeners is what’s most important to her. There’s a reason why literally every single one of her songs has this comforting, healing affect on us all – and she just confirmed it!


“Buckingham Nicks” – Prepare to be enchanted

I grew up listening to this album  – a literal gift that none of us will ever fully deserve. There is nothing in musical history that compares to this whimsical and brilliant series of masterpieces. Buy the whole album, you won’t regret it!

Buckingham and McVie recently teamed up to invent their own duo-album, and in all honesty it just makes “Buckingham Nicks” look so much better. That’s a conversation for another time, though!


Proof that she has a lot of character

And it goes far beyond her notorious mystique! Most of you have probably stumbled across this compilation of funny Stevie moments on YouTube. If you haven’t, though – you’re welcome.


Stevie Nicks, 1977 | via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve got to stop here, or else it’ll end on the singer’s 70th birthday! I hope you all enjoyed having your heart warmed by just a small portion of what always has made – and always will make – Stevie Nicks our all-time favorite gypsy.

We hope you had the happiest of birthdays, Stevie Nicks! 69 has never looked so good!



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