Watch Chuck Berry’s first (and final) music video


Late rock and roll legend Chuck Berry’s first music video ever was just released two months after his death at the age of 90. The video features the track “Big Boys,” taken from his upcoming album entitled “Chuck.”

The video conjures up fun times and ’50s school days set to a chugging rhythm and filled with juicy riffs — basically everything everyone already loves about Chuck Berry.

The video follows a spunky little kid who wants to dance with the “big boys” at the local high school. He cuts in on dances and prom photos before getting up on stage with the band, busting out hip-hop twists and even getting all of the teenyboppers to do a little vintage duck walking.

At 90 years old, Berry still rattled out the rapid-fire vocal delivery with amazing ease. His voice is playful and his guitar playing and riffing has never aged a single day.

“Chuck” is Berry’s first album of entirely new material in nearly 40 years. Even though he had already implied this album would be his last, it’s doubly tragic after his death on March 17 this year. Even so, he was as good as he ever was on this track, and theoretically, he could have kept going for a while if he wanted.

Video directors Matt Bizer and Curtis Wayne Millard recently revealed that Berry died as they were working on the video’s post-production. “We did not know how to really process it all.” they said regarding hearing the news on a recent interview with NPR, “In a way, I think we are still processing the entire experience.”

Chuck will feature 10 new tunes including a sequel to rock and roll standard “Johnny B. Goode,” entitled “Lady B. Goode.” It is due to be released June 9th.



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