Music and technology move at a really fast pace these days. The MP3 is dead, vinyls are making a comeback, and streaming is now how most people hear their music.

Recently Selena Gomez released an exclusive music video for her song “Bad Liar” made to be watched through the Spotify music app. Bob Dylan released an interactive music video a few years back for his song “Like a Rolling Stone” that allowed listeners to change the visuals as they were listening. And Gorillaz recently released a 360 degree view music video that allowed listeners to look around freely as they were listening.

With the introduction of the Occulus Rift, many, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, recognized that virtual reality was the next big thing. And now even more people are seeing its potential.

Electronic musician Bonobo employed virtual reality technology for his latest track called “Outlier.” The song is playable as a fully interactive virtual reality experience using the Google Daydream platform.

The song and music video will allow users to fly through landscapes and control both the music and visuals using the Daydream’s controller. All landscapes are generated in true real-time allowing for a more complete and immersive interactive experience.

It may be a while before such an novel idea like this catches on. After all, many music listeners are still used to a non-committal approach, listening to the latest online releases on their phones through tinny headphones. Music has become something put on in the background, so it remains to be seen what an immersive virtual reality that demands full attention will bring to the scene.

For those who maybe bought one of Neil Young’s Pono players, or for any tech geek who’s curious, the virtual reality experience and Bonobo’s new track can be viewed on the Horizons App via Google Play.


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