Tyler The Creator Drops His Documentary “Cherry Bomb”


Tyler The Creator’s Cherry Bomb Documentary is out. It is 42-minutes long and available on YouTube. If you don’t have the time to watch it, check the recap and click on the headings of each section to see the highlights.

Tyler doesn’t sample

I’ve been listening to Tyler for years and I guess I knew this about him, but I hadn’t really thought about it. It’s pretty cool that he plays instruments on some of his beats. It’s pretty unique in hip-hop.

“I usually just make s**t because it look cool.”

I really like Tyler, but this is weak. He doesn’t have to come out and tell people what his intentions are, but it’s disingenuous to tell people that he is only trying to make things look cool. He’s dressed up in white face, being lynched and running from an all-Black mob. At least admit you’re trying to make a statement.

Tyler Yoda

In this clip Tyler never takes a hit of the blunt, but he talks like he did. Also, his smile when he finishes his rant is creepy.


Tyler genuinely caring about something is nice. You can tell when he starts rapping that the song matters to him.

Tyler meets Hans Zimmer

Tyler records a string section for a song with Ann Marie and other classically trained musicians. Then he meets Hans Zimmer. A day in the life.

Alice Smith

This is during a section of the documentary in which Tyler praises his collaborators. Alice Smith shows off her vocal range.

Kanye and Lil Wayne

Although Ye tweeted out “Yonkers” years ago, it’s still a little weird that they made a song together. Tyler arrived a long time ago, but getting Lil Wayne and Kanye on his album drives the point home. He thinks so too.

Another nice thing about the documentary is that neither Wayne nor Ye appear to be crazy. So at least there is video evidence of that.

Finally, Ye and Wayne both say Tyler changed the game. And this compliment is huge.


Throughout the video Tyler talks about giving notes to legends like Charlie Wilson and working with his heroes. It’s cool to see how he handles giving notes to Pharrell, a guy he grew up idolizing.

You can watch the whole documentary on YouTube where it is currently trending.


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