(Do Not) Watch: Snoop Dogg’s Mount Kushmore


There are three things that we have to outlaw in hip-hop:

1. References to the current president.

I happen to not be a fan of the current president of the United States, but I’m also not a fan of poorly constructed criticism. More to the point, I’m not a fan of throwing the president into your video as a supposed act of subversion. Subversive art is great, but it typically needs to have a message, otherwise what is it subverting? Snoop Dogg’s latest video shows a flustered president shocked to see that Mt. Rushmore has been defaced. The presidents whose faces graced the mountain have been replaced by Snoop, B-Real, Method Man and Redman. This isn’t really a knock on the current president. Any president of the US would be upset about Mt. Rushmore being ruined.

But so anyway, the entire video doesn’t really have a reason for having #45 in it so just leave him out. Unless you have something to say.

2. Excessive twerking.

I’m not here to tell people that they can’t twerk or like twerking. People can do whatever they’re comfortable with doing. That being said, there are limits. If you make a video that features cartoon characters twerking for four straight minutes, you might want to reevaluate your life.

3. Old Heads making the same old tunes.

People get old, but they don’t have to stop growing. I’m not begrudging Snoop for making music, I just want him to switch it up a bit. And sometimes he does. Just not this time.

Just to be clear, I do like the Mt. Kushmore idea and I do think Snoop (or whoever) nailed it with their choices for the mountain. I really can’t think of four bigger pot heads than the four artists on this song. That probably explains why they made a video with four minutes of buxom cartoon women twerking. Oh well.


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