Memorial Day, Remember the Fallen, The Heroes of our Music


At LemonWire, our goal is to connect people to and through music with an intent to generate a deeper appreciation of the art and the artist. This is a day brings special merit for a new discussion and a new appreciation.

Many artists that we know and love have unknowingly served time in the US Military, and we firstly want to take this opportunity to acknowledge their service. Music legends such as Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Shaggy, MC Hammer, and Jason Everman of Nirvana and Soundgarden merit honor and respect for their bravery and willingness to assign their lives and dreams second place to the preservations of the freedoms of America. This they demonstrated through their brave service.

These we honor as heroes, not just for their musical genius or supreme talent, but for the self-sacrifice and unmatched courage these artists displayed through their service in defense of our freedom. We recognize the tremendous contributions the above artists have made to our art, culture, and country. We also realize that these all put their lives on the line, despite their gifts, talents, dreams, and unknown potential in the musical world. These we remember with many others this Memorial Day.

Still, Memorial Day is not primarily in memory of the living who have served, but of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. In a society that suffers oppression, dictatorship, poverty, unrest, or war, art and culture are not allowed to flourish. We remember and cherish the ultimate sacrifice that many have made, laying down their own ambitions and dreams, to allow for the freedoms that create a stable and secure atmosphere that permit art to thrive. This is the art and culture which help define our communities, which give our people their voice; this is only part of the liberty preserved by these fallen heroes.


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