Kanhaiya tori murli bairan bhayi – Lata Mangeshkar – Shankar-Jaikishan – Vaijayantimala | New Delhi (1956)


Movie: This song appears in 1956 romedy (romantic comedy) produced and directed by Mohan Segal under the banner of De Luxe Films. The movie starred Vaijayantimala, late Kishore Kumar, late Nana Palsikar, late Nazir Hussain, Jabeen Jalil, Prabhu Dayal, late Dhumal, etc.
Anand (Kishore Kumar), is a Punjabi boy from Jhallunder and goes to Delhi. He is unable to get an accommodation since everybody wants to have a tenant from their own community. Desperately, Anand disguises himself as a Tamilian – Anand Kumaraswamy and gets accommodation with a Tamilian family.
Anand wants to develop a roll of photographic film. He is directed to a Kodak shop in Darya Ganj. It so happens that when he is trying to locate the shop, it appears as if he is following a girl Janaki (Vaijayantimala). She creates a scene on the streets and leaves the moment people come to question him. In the ensuing fight, he runs into a music and dance institute. To escape the mob, he enrolls himself into the institute. There he finds Janaki. After an altercation, they reconcile and he reveals through a song that he is in love with her.
Soon, the institute has a program at a venue and Janaki performs there. Anand is also invited by Janaki’s father (Nana Palsikar). She performs a Bharatnatyam dance and after that Anand thinks that she is performing this song.
Song: The music of this song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.
The gist of the song is, “O Krishna, your flute has become an enemy. I have become crazy. In the small lanes of Brindavan, Radha has lost her heart. Now, in the bylanes of the eyes, she roams about continuously.” The words refer to the eternal love between Lord Krishna and Radha.
Video: Cinematography is by K H Kapadia. Dance choreography is by B Hiralal-Muthuswami.
The video opens with Vaijayantimala performing the Alarippu item in Bharatanatyam style. Her graceful movements are enticing. Toward the end of the performance, Vaijayantimala’s eyes fall on Kishore Kumar and he thinks she is now performing this Hindi song. Vaijayantimala begins the song. She also performs a typically filmi dance, with some influence of Kathak.
Her dress also changes with the change in the dance style. She is accompanied by some female dancers. Their performance is also significant. Particularly, their performing dance steps one at a time in a sequence is amazing. Kishore Kumar is seen enjoying the dance. Back to reality, Vaijayantimala is actually still performing Bharatanatyam. The music peters off and the video ends there.
Artists: The playback singer of this song is Lata Mangeshkar and onscreen performances are by Kishore Kumar, Vaijayantimala and others.
Cultural Influence: The heroine is performing the Bharatnatyam dance. Bharatanatyam is a South Indian (particularly Tamil Nadu-based) dance form. But, the hero thinks that she is performing a Hindi song with Kathak influence. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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