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Located in Fountain Square in Indianapolis, Pioneer offers European food with an American twist as well as live shows. Pioneer also has seasonal changes in menu and drinks from around the world, creating a creative blend of live music, drinks, and food.

Local jazz artist Carrington Clinton will be performing at Pioneer on May 26th. Clinton is well-known for his project Clint Breeze, which brings together jazz, hip-hop, and social commentary appropriately timed for the current movements regarding racial inequality in America.

See below for this summer’s performances at Indy’s own, Pioneer:

April 28               Jesse Whitman

April 29               Spellbound: Darkwave DJ Dance Night

May 4                  Obtuse: Filternetwork- Levante

May 5                  Cluster: An Evening of Individual Sound

May 9                  Holy Wave – L.A. Witch

May 10                Parts- Duncan Kissing Band – TBA

May 12                Chase Blackburn Trio w/ Kyra Waltz

May 18                Obtuse: David Peck – Duchess – Dilenttante

May 19                Laurel and the Love-in – Louie Louie

May 26                Carrington Clinton Trio

May 27                Spellbound – Darkware DJ Dance Wave

June 2                 Oreo Jones – Mr. Mitch – Obtuse Crew

June 3                 Adam Yeager Trio

June 8                 Obtuse: Offbeat DJ Dance Night

June 9                 Premium Blend- Bashiri ASAD

June 16               Sean Imboden Trio

June 17               Sweet Poison Victim – Fred. The Younger

June 22               Obtuse: Offbeat DJ Dance Night


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