Hum tumhare hain – Asha/Sudha – S D Burman – Helen/Cuckoo | Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)


Kishore Kumar wanted to lose money with this movie because he did not want to pay Income Tax. But, the movie became a super duper hit. So, he gave up all the rights to his director Anoop Sharma. His income tax issue was not sorted for a long time even after his death.

Movie: This song appeared in 1958 K S Films’ superhit comic romantic caper Chalti Ka Naam Gadi (That which runs is a vehicle), directed Satyen Bose and produced by Anoop Sharma. It starred late Ashok Kumar, late Kishore Kumar, late Anoop Kumar, late Madhubala, late K N Singh, late Sajjan, etc.
Brijmohan Sharma (Ashok Kumar) runs a garage with his 2 younger brothers Manmohan Sharma (Kishore Kumar) and Jagmohan Sharma (Anoop Kumar). Brijmohan hates women and does not allow women in his garage unless it is an emergency. One day, Manmohan is doing the night shift, when Renu (Madhubala) appears at the garage, with her broken down car. Renu gets angry with Manmohan since he is found by her sleeping the night out when he is supposed to be alert on duty. Manmohan does not like Renu shouting at him and, at first, refuses to repair her car. But, later he relents.
When Renu leaves, she does not pay him. She also leaves her purse in the garage. When Manmohan searches the purse, he finds a concert pass. He visits the concert venue to recover his money. He is not allowed inside because Renu’s name is written on the pass. He does not want to give up the money and he waits in Renu’s car. However, he falls asleep and sees a dream as she drives the car to go home. Manmohan reaches Renu’s bedroom, through the garage door and disrupts the whole household. Without being seen by Renu’s father and the watchman, with a lot of difficulty and some comic repercussions, Manmohan somehow comes out. But, when he comes out, he witnesses part of a crime. A man (Sajjan) drops the dead body of a man in the middle of the road and flees.
The next day, Renu requests Manmohan to come and repair their car, which had again stopped working. After his work is done, Renu drops Manmohan in their garage. Since Brijmohan is not at the garage, they do not get into trouble. Renu realizes that she has fallen in love with Manmohan and visits their garage. She sneaks into Brijmohan’s bedroom as he is asleep and finds a girl’s picture there hidden under his pillow. When he wakes up and is together with his brothers, Renu brings the photograph and almost blackmails him to send Manmohan with her. She lies to them that she needs him to repair a car. Actually, she brings him to the beach for a picnic. After the picnic is over, Renu tells Manmohan that she is getting married to a prince. He just congratulates her, without realizing that both of them have fallen in love with each other.
Renu gets irked by his behavior and leaves him stranded on the beach. Back home, Manmohan realizes that he had fallen in love with Renu. But, his brother would not allow him to get married to her. Still, he asks, why did he keep the picture of a girl in his room. Brijmohan replies that he was ditched by that girl.
The next shot is of a Nautch girl’s den, where this mujra is being performed.
Song: S D Burman has composed the music of this song and Majrooh Sultanpuri has written the lyrics.
The gist of the song is, “I am yours. Come out of your house and see. If you are not convinced, exchange our hearts and see.”
Video: Cinematographer is Aloke Dasgupta. Dance choreography is by Badri Prasad-Herman Benjamin.
The video opens with Helen beginning the song. She is sitting on the floor. Cuckoo Dancer is also sitting with her. They both stand up and begin dancing Kathak. Cuckoo Dancer and joins Helen in singing the song. K N Singh is enjoying the dance. At that time Sajjan enters the place and the song and the video end there.
Artists: Asha Bhonsle and Sudha Malhotra sing on the playback. Helen and Cuckoo Dancer perform the song onscreen.
Cultural Influence: This is a typically filmi mujra, being watched by the villain K N Singh. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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