Papa Roach’s “Crooked Teeth” Album Review


There were a couple songs from the album that I wasn’t particularly fond of, but overall Papa Roach completely killed it with their newest album “Crooked Teeth”. The album was officially released to the public on May 19.

Unlike the handful of their fellow musicians from the late 1990’s to the early/mid 2000’s, Papa Roach hasn’t given in and decided to participate in a lot of the less-than-impressive modern pop trends. Instead, they have gone a much darker, more punk route – they put their own twist on all the bass-drops and tech-altered sounds that overwhelm so much of today’s popular music. Surprisingly, it ended up being seriously wicked!

Papa Roach’s “Crooked Teeth” released May 19, 2017

First of all, Papa Roach has taken the staccato-centered vocals that were most popular in the 2000’s “rap metal” genre and made it cool again with the album’s  track “Born For Greatness.” Rather than fans listening to the “classics” and wishing that the band would’ve stayed true to the hard sound the artists lead fans to associate with their music, Papa Roach has successfully managed to not only maintain that deeply unsettling yet simultaneously entertaining and empowering sound they have always utilized but modernized it by incorporating bass-drops and techno/electric sounds and turning them into something that only betters their already stellar sound! So, die-hard fans need not fear – Papa Roach is still hardcore, and you will thoroughly enjoy most of what their new album has to offer! To give you an idea of just how much awesome you can anticipate to experience from this new album, here are the three songs that I found to be exceptionally terrific!


1. “Born For Greatness”

Starting out with this deep, dark section of brass instruments, you are not initially expecting to be quickly transferred over to a fast paced collection of angry and empowering lyrics with a strong bass and beats that make you want to head bang until you break your neck – which, being that the song is by Papa Roach, already earns them mega brownie points! The impressive way that the lyrics jump out against the simple beats creates this unbreakable structure that leads the song to ultimate undeniable greatness, and the jaw-dropping background vocals matched with the depth of the bass is literally mind blowing – well done, Papa Roach!


2. “None Of The Above”

I could picture myself blasting this song over and over again in the background while I check my Myspace back in 2008 – I say this joyfully, as the song has successfully captured that nostalgia that most fans of hard rock and punk rock look for when their favorite bands start making new music. Not only did they include that nostalgia, but they also remained consistent with the newer elements they’ve taken on with this new album. It’s impressive, and totally catchy!


3. “Crooked Teeth”

There’s no way a true fan of Papa Roach could hear this song and not enjoy it, because simply put – this is classic Papa Roach. That’s really all I have to say about this track! It was fast, fun, and everything one could ask for from this band of hard core legends.


The album is available now, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and show some support for the guys who gave us some of the most relatable songs in hard rock history!




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