Nicole Atkins Releases First Single From Upcoming Album “Goodnight Rhonda Lee”


As we all know – or at least as we all should know – Nicole Atkins is legitimate magic and creates something indescribably beautiful every time she puts a pen to paper and then steps into the studio. Recently she’s released the single “Listen Up” from her upcoming album “Goodnight Rhonda Lee” – to be released on July 21 – and it is extravagently mesmorizing to say the very least! It has such a classic soul-like sound mixed with sprinkles of modern trends that turns this song into an instant work of art! You’ll absolutely fall in love with this brilliant songwriter – if you haven’t already, of course!

Nicole Atkins – Eastman Guitars

The song starts out very smooth and full of soul, with the slow, subtle and funky piano keys contrasting the quicker but soft drums that play around in the back. You expect the song to keep up with this style throughout its entirety, but then Nicole starts to sing and completely tears apart whatever expectations you may have formed at the beginning! I will say this – the intro is beautiful and simple, but it certainly does not sum up the entire track! The dynamics of both the music and Atkins’ vocals is absolutely extraordinary.

The depth of Atkins’ voice flows perfectly with the bass and the drums in this killer jam. There is an impressively immense amount of soul and funk in every portion of this song – from the vocals to the music itself, and even the lyrics. Thus being said, it makes it difficult to understand why this isn’t the style of music that’s being blasted in every mall, market and restaurant! It’s fun yet sophisticated, which is a combination that has not been seen within the music industry in quite some time – at least not a style that we’ve seen done well.

It’s just groovy – there’s no better word to describe it in full accuracy! This soulful and musically gifted artist is reminding everyone of just how tremendously enjoyable bluesy-rock can be!


You can listen to Atkins’ new single “Listen Up” – the first actual song that has been written for the upcoming album “Goodnight Rhonda Lee” – at the start of the article, and keep your eyes peeled for other little sneak peaks the singer might toss our way!



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