Chal ud ja re panchi (Part III) – Mohammad Rafi – Chitragupt | Bhabhi (1957)


This is the third part of the song.
Movie: This song appeared in 1957 AVM Productions’ hit family drama Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) directed by Krishnan-Panju and produced by A V Meiyappan. The movie starred late Balraj Sahni, late Pandhari Bai, late Om Prakash, Jawahar Kaul, Shyama, Raja Gosavi, Nalini, late Nanda, late Durga Khote, Jagdeep, Bipin Gupta, etc.
Shanta (Pandhari Bai) is a graduate, but, gets married to a lesser educated widowed businessman Ratanlal (Balraj Sahni). Ratanlal already has a son, Mithu. His family also includes 3 brothers – Ramesh (Jawahar Kaul), Rajan (Raja Gosavi) and Baldev (Jagdeep) – and an aunt (Durga Khote). Shanta’s child-widowed sister Lata (Nanda) also comes to live with them. Advocate Motilal (Bipin Gupta) has been Ratanlal’s mentor for a long time.
Soon, Mithu (Daisy Irani) is a school-going boy. In the meantime, Ratanlal’s brother Ramesh also becomes a lawyer and bags a job with Advocate Motilal. Ratanlal decides his brother Ramesh’s marriage with his manager Munshiram’s (Shivraj) daughter Mangala (Nalini). But, Advocate Motilal’s daughter Tara (Shyama) and Ramesh are in love with each other. Ratanlal gets to know about it from Motilal and he changes his mind.
Ratanlal decides to marry Ramesh with Tara and Rajan with Mangala. When the newlyweds were being welcomed into the house, Lata runs out to apply tilak to Rajan. Mangala is told by some gossipmongering women that Lata is a child-widow and thinks her appearing in front of her inauspicious. At night, Mangala fights with her husband and he gets angry as she had insulted Lata, who was loved by everyone at their home. On the other hand, Tara and Ramesh are beginning their wedded life in bliss.
Ramesh is told to handle the business from Bangalore. Tara becomes pregnant and wants to go to her husband in Bangalore. Shanta insists that she go with Baldev. But, Baldev is practicing for a kite-flying contest. Tara gets to know about it. Initially, she is unflustered. But, Mangala sparks her negative side and instigates her to create a scene. Tara fights with Shanta. In the process, Tara reveals that Lata is a child-widow, which the poor girl did not know. Lata becomes sorrowful and changes into a white sari and begins to fast. Traditionally, widows in India are supposed to stay away from auspicious activities and keep away from most people other than close family members. (But, this trend has been abolished quite some time ago, though some people still indulge in hurting others. However, that cannot be helped and these people need to be ignored.)
Tara informs Ramesh and her brother Jeevan (Anwar Hussain) that she and Mangala are being tortured by Shanta at home. Jeevan decides to sort this issue. He meets Ratanlal and tells him to split the property into 4 parts. Ratanlal is hurt that Ramesh wanted the separation. He splits the property into 4 parts and goes back to live at his village home. Baldev, Shanta, Lata and his aunt also go with him. He is already taking ill.
After Tara created a hullaballoo about Lata’s child-widow status, Lata had written to her husband’s brother (Om Prakash) to take her away. When he comes to take her away, this song appears in the background.
Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Rajinder Kishen and the music was composed by Chitragupt.
The gist of the song is, “Go fly away, O bird. This place is no longer yours. Forget the fragrant wind and flying from one branch to the other. Your joy has become an irritant for the others. Who would come to such a garden, which does not have a gardener? Dying in every moment of life is only written in your fate.” This song symbolically says that Lata’s bubbly behavior had become an irritant in the eyes of some gossipmongering women.
Video: Cinematography is by S Maruti Rao.
The video opens with Jagdeep becoming sad that Nanda has to leave them. The music also begins at that time. Balraj Sahni, Pandhari Bai, Durga Khote and Daisy Irani come out to say farewell to Nanda. Nanda is seen sitting behind a moving bullock cart. The song begins in the background. Jagdeep is still not ready to let go of Nanda. He takes a shortcut to find her.
Birds flying about symbolically represent the exodus of Nanda. Jagdeep looks at Nanda departing from far away. He wipes his eyes. Jagdeep seems to have fallen in love with Nanda in the movie. Om Prakash and Nanda get into a train and leave. As the train moves through the barren ground, Jagdeep is left looking at it. The song and the video end there.
Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Mohammad Rafi and the onscreen performance is by Balraj Sahni, Pandhari Bai, Durga Khote, Jagdeep, Nanda and Om Prakash.
Cultural Influence: This is a typical filmi song, which symbolically mentions that Nanda is leaving a comfortable place for a torture zone. She will have to face a lot of hardships in her life now. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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