It’s been almost five years since The Killers released their fourth studio album Battle Born. Fans of the Las Vegas band were gifted with lead singer Brandon Flower’s second solo album in May 2015. But nothing quite compares to when the entire group gets together to create music magic.

News broke last September that The Killers were working on new material. We received an update on the status of that project earlier this month. Producer David Fridmann revealed on his website that he was “doing a mix for The Killers” on May 4. Fridmann was also scheduled to work with MGMT and HAIM earlier this year.

English music publication NME was able to reach The Killers for a statement on the upcoming project. Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci said the album is coming along and referred to the record as a “constant exercise in experimentation.”

So with new music from possibly right around the corner, it’s a good time to revisit some of the highlights from The Killers’ last 13 years of work.

2004: Hot Fuss

Almost any fan of The Killers would likely say the song that got them into the band was “Somebody Told Me” or “Mr. Brightside.” The first two singles off Hot Fuss came at a time when pop-punk was dominating the airwaves. The Killers, along with similar acts such as The Bravery, took the idea of what early-2000s rock should sound like and turned it on its head. Their sound has slightly changed over the years, but The Killers have always stayed true to pushing the boundaries of what is popular music. They continue to challenge themselves as artists, almost thirteen years removed from their debut album.

2006: Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town is arguably The Killers’ best album to date. It is perhaps the band’s most gritty look at what moulded them into the band they are today. Many of the songs play out like a diary of an angsty teen in 2006 (such as myself). Yet, they are still completely relatable today. The album was able to produce the band’s second highest charting single in “When You Were Young,” along with three more successful singles. “Bones,” “Read My Mind” and “For Reasons Unknown” were each greeted with positivity from both fans and critics alike.

2008: Day & Age

With Day & Age, The Killers were given the unenviable task of following a classic album. And while this third studio effort doesn’t quite reach the heights the band achieved with Sam’s Town, it did see them continue to evolve and introduce new meaning to “rock” music. However, it would unfortunately be almost four years before The Killers would release the follow-up to Day & Age.

2010: Flamingo (A Brandon Flowers Album)

Despite producing two fantastic singles in “Crossfire” and “Only The Young,” Flamingo never truly achieved the level of success The Killers’ three previous albums did. There was never a question as to whether Brandon Flowers could create a hit, but the album in its entirety just didn’t quite live up to the lofty standards most fans had placed upon it. With that being said, “Only The Young” is still one of my favourite songs from The Killers and/or Brandon Flowers.

2012: Battle Born

After four long years, The Killers finally returned with 2012’s Battle Born. Brandon Flowers traded in his blazer for a leather jacket. Gone were the Cirque de Soleil performers and back were the boys from Vegas. “Runaways” marked the return of one of this millennium’s most original bands. It was one of the biggest rock songs of the summer and spent almost 20 weeks on assorted Billboard charts.

2015: The Desired Effect (A Brandon Flowers Album)

And that brings us to the most recent release from frontman Brandon Flowers. Unlike Flamingo in 2010, Flowers was able to achieve “the desired effect” with his sophomore release. The album’s critical reception was far more positive than its predecessor. And although it wasn’t as commercially successful as the albums released by the band, it did give fans their latest taste of what may come with a new album from The Killers.

For a complete refresher of The Killers’ music, listen on Spotify here. And for Brandon Flowers’ solo projects, listen here.


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