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22 New releases to look out for on this Friday 12, 2017. Among those, Juanes happens to be one of them. Not sure about you, but when the Juanes is mentioned, all that comes to mind is, “Tengo, tengo la camisa negra…” Anyone who knows anything about Juanes recognizes this tune from back in the day. Seems like Juanes is still making records, his new release is Mis Planes Son Amarte go ahead and check it out!

Juanes, Mis Planes son AmarteImage result for juanes mis planes son amarte album cover


Amongst the new releases, we also have Maite Perroni debuting her new single by the name of Loca. From her younger days as Lupita in the hit show and band called Rebelde, to a successful solo artist.  She has flourished and continues to make a name for herself, make sure to give her new single a listen.Image result for Maite perroni and juanes n

Maite Perroni, Loca (Single)


There might be something that sparks your interest so make sure to check out the Latin releases for May 12, 2017:

Almir Chiartatti, Triz (Single)
Hola A Todo El Mundo, Only One Thing (Single)
La Gusana Ciega, Borregos enla Niebla
La Clika De Culiacan, La Clika de Culiacan
Black Guayaba, Invencible
Chel Maya, Tu Siguele Dando (single)
Aida Cuevas, Arrieros Somos
Cabas, Tanto Que Te Amo
Reyno, Al Principio Del Final
Gepe, Hablar de Ti (Single)
Gabriel Diaz, Prohibido el Amor
Quantic & Nidia Gongora, Curao
Sole Gimenez, Los Hombres Sensibles
Jhoni “The Voice”, Palms and Waves
Gerarardo Coronel, El Jerry
Happy Colors, Chevere (single)
Jesus Ojeda y sus Parientes, El Amigo De Todos
La Septima Banda, Micha Y Micha
Olga Tano, Olga Tano y Punto
La Santa Cecillia, Amar y VivirMon Laferte, La Trenza


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