Top 5 New & Hot Hip-Hop Songs on Soundcloud

  1. Get Out My Face Ft. Famous Dex & Rich The Kid

This song is absurdly annoying. For some reason Famous Dex thinks that dragging out syllables of every word he sings/raps is a good idea, i.e. “Get out my faaaaaaaace.” Ironically the song is called “Get Out My Face”, as if anyone would even talk to a person who sounds like this. The first verse of this song is an abomination. Skip to the second verse or, better yet, skip the entire track.

2. La Ultima Vez – Anuel AA ft. Bad Bunny

If you loved auto tune in English then you’ll love it in Spanish too! Haha, just kidding, this song is terrible. I think it’s weird that it’s trending on English-language SoundCloud; we already have plenty of terrible songs. We don’t need to import any.

3. Planting the Roots Only to Fall Out the Tree – $uicideBoy$

This is a decent song; sounds a little like Bone Thugs. The only problem here is the pseudo-intellectual title and the fact that we only get two minutes of the song. Still, compared to the other songs on the list this one is a masterpiece.

4. New Breed ft. Darnell Williams – Joyryde

I like Darnell Williams vocals on this track. Joyryde’s production is alright, but it feels a little overdone. Hip-hop and house are always a strange mix. It almost works here. It’s definitely a pretty strong showing. And there’s more! Joyryde self-directed a video for the song here. The video starts as a basic crime story that is shot well but then it morphs into something slightly more…satanic. Give it a watch.

5. Na Na Na Na Na (Caught Slippin) – Ramirez

Usually when someone says that something sounds like old school hip-hop it’s a compliment. That’s not the case here. This track sounds like a mixture of the parts of Cypress Hill and Too Short. I guess it’s cool to keep a tradition going, right? As you can see from the cover art, Ramirez is pining for the good ol’ days.



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