Thirsty? Try Pisner: The Beer Made with Music Festival Urine

An inaugural music festival that will attract Australian and international acts will open the Australian Open in 2018.

If you ever feel let down by the high beer prices at an outdoor music festival, bear this in mind: Danish brewery Nørrebro Bryghus has made the bold move of brewing a beer made with 54,000 liters of human urine collected from the spectators of the 2015 Roskilde Music Festival affectionately dubbed “Pisner”.

Disclaimer: the beer in question has been made with urine, not from urine. This means that the beer in question was made from malted barley that was fermented with the aid of the waste of a few thousand music fest fans. Brewery owner Henrick Vang admittedly acknowledged the misunderstanding of some people who thought the beer would taste like urine and said that “we had a good laugh about that”.

But asking people who were actually at the Roskilde festival, you wouldn’t know the difference. Attendee Anders Sjögren tried the brew and said that “If it had tasted even a bit like urine, I would put it down, but you don’t even notice.”

The idea was formulated by Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Council who coined the term “beercycling” for the revolutionary idea of reusing music festival urine.

Meanwhile this year’s Roskilde Music Festival is set for June 24 – July 1 featuring the likes of The Foo Fighers, A Tribe Called Quest and blink-182. It is unconfirmed as of yet whether Pisner will be served at the festival.


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