As you may have seen in an article from last week, HAIM is one of this summer’s hottest festival acts. But what this band is poised to do goes far beyond that. It’s been almost four years since these sisters from the San Fernando Valley dropped their debut album Days Are Gone. And the release of their sophomore project Something To Tell You could solidify HAIM as one of today’s biggest bands. Therefore, I proclaim this the summer of HAIM.

Right Now

The band kicked it off around two weeks ago when they dropped the video for “Right Now.” If that wasn’t enough new music, last Wednesday brought with it the song “Want You Back.” Both tracks come fully equipped with that classic HAIM sound that made their debut album so refreshing.

The Announcement

The band took to Instagram again yesterday to announce Something To Tell You will be out July 7. The post also included the album’s expected cover art. If you’ve never seen the art for their first record (you can view it while you listen to Days Are Gone here), it should be noted perhaps no one rocks a pair of shades quite like this trio.

Looking Ahead

But while some may think looking cool in a pair of sunglasses and posting on Instagram is enough to own the summer, the girls of HAIM aren’t stopping there. The band is playing nine different festivals this summer. They’ll travel over 30,000 miles. Starting at Glastonbury in the United Kingdom and finishing at Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, the band will play sets from Seattle to Australia along the way.

And right in the thick of that busy schedule will be the release of Something To Tell You. HAIM’s debut Days Are Gone peaked at number six on the Billboard 200. So there has to be some expectation that their sophomore effort will be able to take that top spot in July. But perhaps the biggest challenge will be dethroning some of hip-hop’s giants.

Through the first 20 weeks this year, 14 of the top albums on the Billboard 200 have been by a hip-hop act. The hope will be that Something To Tell You can do as Ed Sheeran’s Divide did in March and take the crown back for the alternative rock acts. However, the band does have a history of collaborating with hip-hop artists, so that may play to their advantage.

In the end, it’s going to come down to the music. You know what they say about absence and the heart growing fonder. But fans will never get behind bad music, regardless of how long they’ve missed a band.

The quality of Something To Tell You will be the true determinant factor in how we grade HAIM in September. But if “Right Now” and “Want You Back” are any sign of what’s to come, and if the band is able to recreate or even grow on the magical sounds they produced with Days Are Gone, this will indeed by the summer of HAIM.


Photo via @haimtheband on Instagram.


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