The work place is evolving. More and more companies are moving towards touch-screen enhanced tools to make their processes more efficient and adaptive. In the industrial world where a worker’s hands need protection, Mechanix Wear produces a glove that keeps the strength and protection while offering touch-screen compatibility.

The Original® Touch glove is produced with a material that the company refers to as AXTM Connect. This material was specially develop to allow the glove to be utilizes with capacitive touch-screen devices with precision and responsiveness. The material is composed of a blend of organic compounds mimicking those in the human body. The material is permeated with a special blend of polyurethane that strengthens the glove material.

The material is incorporated into the glove with four contact points. The first three are strategically placed on the thumb, index, and middle finger, giving the user three-finger conductivity. The fourth contact point is on the index knuckle. This allows the user to use touch-screen enhanced tools even when the gloves are too dirty from use. The glove is machine washable, does not shrink, and is color fast.

Mechanix Wear offers this glove for ten different types of uses. They offer insulated, wind resistant, and waterproof winter gloves, cut resistant gloves, and multiple tactical combat gloves.


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