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Country music artist Josh Abbott had a pretty life changing experience last week: His girlfriend gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter. Josh announced his daughter’s birth on Instagram. He also shared a picture and talked about the meaning behind her name, Emery Farryn, in a statement.

“We wanted to do something similar with a girl name to how my brother named his daughter, Eisley Dawn, which means ‘Cheerful Beginnings’,” Abbott wrote, “and the word ‘brave’ is a word I use to describe Taylor in a song I wrote for her, ‘I’m Your Only Flaw’, on the new album coming out this year.”

Their daughter’s name means ‘brave beginnings,’ but this was also a time of endings for the singer as well. It has only been two months since his father passed away without getting to meet young Emery. He died on March 17. While Abbott and his family are sad for their loss, they are now busy celebrating this new addition.

According to The Boot, Emery was born around 1 AM on Friday in Austin, Texas. The star reports that she weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and is 19 inches long. Naturally, Abbott says that he and Taylor are already very much in love with their baby girl.

Since announcing the pregnancy, Josh and Taylor have had to make a few changes to their schedules. Abbott moved some concert dates around to give them time to enjoy the birth of their daughter and to share the moments with her together.

This new addition will be the beginning of a new chapter for the couple, which is ideal for Abbott who has seen some turmoil in the past. He first married in 2010 but divorced four years later due to infidelity and alcohol abuse.

His first marriage and subsequent divorce inspired his band’s first album, which is currently the subject of their ongoing tour. Hopefully, Josh has finally put all that behind him and is ready to become a great father and partner for his growing family.


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